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Wed Apr 28 1999

Confs: Phonology 2000

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  • Bert Vaux, phonology 2000 final program

    Message 1: phonology 2000 final program

    Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 14:13:40 -0400 (EDT)
    From: Bert Vaux <>
    Subject: phonology 2000 final program

    The Phonology 2000 Symposium Harvard and MIT, April 30-May 1, 1999


    Friday, April 30, 1999 Forum Room, Lamont Library 5th level, Harvard University

    9-9:15 Coffee and snacks

    SESSION 1: General Issues (Bert Vaux, chair) 9:15-9:45 Stuart Davis, Indiana University "OT: Empirical problems and insights" 10-10:30 David Odden, Ohio State "Ordering"

    10:45-11 Break

    SESSION 2: Syllables (Steve Anderson, chair) 11-11:30 Donca Steriade, UCLA "The grammatical status of perceptibility effects: direction in assimilation and cluster simplification" 11:45-12:15 Francois Dell, CNRS, Paris "Syllabification with epenthesis and without: syllable structure in two Berber dialects"

    12:30-2 Lunch

    SESSION 3: Reduplication (Mark Aronoff, chair) 2-2:30 Sharon Inkelas, Berkeley, and Cheryl Zoll, MIT "Reduplication as morphological doubling" 2:45-3:15 William Idsardi and Eric Raimy, Delaware "Reduplication and underapplication"

    3:30-4 Break

    SESSION 4 (Abby Cohn, chair) 4-4:30 Andrea Calabrese, UConn "Glide formation, gemination and Sievers' Law in Vedic Sanskrit" 4:45-5:15 Charles Reiss, Concordia "Acquisition and post-OT phonology" 5:30-6 Michael Hammond, Arizona "Opportunistic footing and the beat"

    Saturday, May 1 MIT E25-111

    SESSION 5: Stress (James Harris, chair) 9-9:30 Ellen Broselow, SUNY-Stonybrook "Stress-epenthesis interactions in a constraint-based theory" 9:45-10:15 John Frampton, Northeastern "On iterative rules"

    10:30-11 Break

    SESSION 6: Morphology and phonology (Alec Marantz, chair) 11-11:30 Bruce Hayes, UCLA "Burnt and Splang: Some issues in morphological learning theory" 11:45-12:15 Rolf Noyer, Penn "The basis of bases"

    12:30-2 Lunch

    SESSION 7: Constraints (Donca Steriade, chair) 2-2:30 Diana Archangeli, Arizona "On constraint motivation" 2:45-3:15 Paul Kiparsky, Stanford "Quantity in Finland Swedish: new evidence for constraint-based LPM"

    3:30-4 Break

    SESSION 8: General Issues (Morris Halle, chair) 4-4:30 Michael Kenstowicz, MIT "Paradigm uniformity and contrast" 4:45-5:15 Mark Hale, Concordia "Historical phonology and phonological theory in the 21st century"

    Addresses Harvard Linguistics Department office-305 Boylston Hall, Harvard Yard (495-4054) MIT Linguistics Department-2nd floor, Building E-39, corner of Hayward and Main

    Directions to the Forum Room, Lamont Library Lamont Library is located at the southeast corner of Harvard Yard, just east of Widener, the main library. Enter Lamont from the north, sign in at the front desk, and proceed up the stairs to the 5th level, where the Forum Room is located.

    Directions from Harvard to MIT Take the T (subway) from Harvard Square station to Kendall Square (2 stops inbound). Exit on Main Street, and walk (south)west on Hayward Street. Cut through the parking lot just past the Linguistics Dept. (E39), and head due west; building E25 will be directly ahead. Room 111 is on the first floor, close to the main entrance on the east side of the building.

    One can also obtain maps on the web from the following addresses: Building E25: Forum Room, Lamont Library

    The program is also available on our website:

    For further information please contact:

    Bert Vaux Assistant Professor of Linguistics Harvard University 316 Boylston Hall Cambridge, MA 02138