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Tue Jul 18 2000

Qs: Lang of Advertising, Word Formation Strategies

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  1. Salman Al-Azami, Language in Advertising
  2. Jordan Lachler, Less-Common Word Formation Strategies

Message 1: Language in Advertising

Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 00:17:39 +0600
From: Salman Al-Azami <>
Subject: Language in Advertising

	Hello Colleagues:
	I am sending this mail from Bangladesh, a small country in South Asia. I am
	an Assistant Professor in the Department of English at a university in
	Dhaka- the capital.
	At present I am doing Ph.D in "Language of Adverising". My topic is "Hidden
	Persuaders in the Language of Advertizing in Bangladesh- A Psycholinguistic
	Assassment". I am in the middle stage of my research and at this moment, I
	am having problem regarding literature review. The number of research paper
	on this topic is almost nil here. But you must know very well how important
	it is for a thesis. So I had to take this media as a way to help myself.
 I request some of you linguists to please come forward to help me. At
	the moment I need the following:
	1. A list of references of research papers on this topic.
	2. Copy through e-mail (attached file) any article available to anyone.
	I will be ever grateful to those who come forward to my appeal. As
	academicians it is our responsibility to help each other in research. So
	any help from any corner will be highly appreciated.
	One more matter. I would like to build rapport with fellow linguists
	worldwide to exchange views and ideas. So any member coming up with the
	answer of this mail will become my friend immediately.
	Hoping for early replies from my fellow mwmbers.
	With regards,
	A. Salman Al-Azami
	Assisitant Professor 
	Department of English Language & Literature
	Darul Ihsan University
	Mailing address: 119/2 Kazi Office Lane. Boro Moghbazar, Dhanmondi,
			 Dhaka- 1217, Bangladesh
			 e-mail: azami
Status: RO
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Message 2: Less-Common Word Formation Strategies

Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 23:35:31 -0600
From: Jordan Lachler <>
Subject: Less-Common Word Formation Strategies

Hi all,

I'm looking for examples of less-common word formation strategies in Native
American languages (North, Central or South), particularly clipping,
blending, acronymization and circumfixation. Any examples or references
would be much appreciated. I'll post a summary of the responses.

Thanks much!

Jordan Lachler
Department of Linguistics
University of New Mexico
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