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Fri Aug 11 2000

Qs: Function Labels for VPs, "Scyras"

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  1. K. Ebensgaard Jensen, Function labels for VPs
  2. John Harsh, "scyras"

Message 1: Function labels for VPs

Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 10:30:41 GMT
From: K. Ebensgaard Jensen <>
Subject: Function labels for VPs

Dear Linguists,

A sentence like

"Peter shot the easter bunny"

contains an NP ("Peter"), a VP ("shot"), and another NP, perhaps some would 
call it a DP, ("the easter bunny"). In terms of sentential functions, there 
is little doubt that the first NP is the Subject of the sentence and that 
the NP/DP is the Object. The VP also has a function, but what should one 
call this function? Traditionally, VPs, when they do not serve as Subjects, 
Objects, Complements etc., are regarded as either Predicators or Verbals - 
which one of these two labels is the most appropriate? Are there other 
function labels for VPs?

Thank you
Kind regards,
-Kim Ebensgaard Jensen
University of Southern Denmark
Main Campus - Odense University
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Message 2: "scyras"

Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 16:20:37 -0500
From: John Harsh <>
Subject: "scyras"

Dear Linguist,

I am trying to find the derivation of the word "scyras". Would anyone happen
to know if this is an old european (French?) spelling of the name of the old
Persian capital city of "Shiraz"?

John Harsh
Hattiesburg, MS
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