LINGUIST List 11.1778

Fri Aug 18 2000

Qs: Nat Semantic Metalang, Denominals/Mandarin

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  1. Hazidi Abdul Hamid, Natural Semantic Metalanguage
  2. ressy ai, denominals and deadjectives

Message 1: Natural Semantic Metalanguage

Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 12:00:57 +0800
From: Hazidi Abdul Hamid <>
Subject: Natural Semantic Metalanguage

I am working on a project involving Natural Semantic Metalanguage and the
Malay language, and I am looking some people familiar with NSM and certain
languages so that I could ask a few questions. Is there anyone out there
working with NSM on one of these languages, Japanese, Javanese, Thai,
Cantonese and Tamil?
Thank you
Hazidi Abdul Hamid
Department of English Language and Literature
Faculty of Language Studies
National University of Malaysia (UKM)
43600 Bangi Selangor
Malaysia - office - home
03-8929-6554 (office)
03-983-6536 (home)

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Message 2: denominals and deadjectives

Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 15:09:16 -0700
From: ressy ai <>
Subject: denominals and deadjectives

Dear linguists,
I am now doing a research concerning denominals and deadjectives in the 
history of Mandarin Chinese. If you know who else is doing this within the 
generative enterprise, please let me know. Any possible references are welcome!
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