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Mon Sep 11 2000

Qs: Color Terms, Situational Sp. Comprehension

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  1. Zakhar Ling, Colour terms in exotic languages
  2. PezBoySka, Situational Speech and Comprehension

Message 1: Colour terms in exotic languages

Date: Sat, 09 Sep 2000 19:19:52 +0400
From: Zakhar Ling <>
Subject: Colour terms in exotic languages

Dear colleagues,

for a study on colour terms, we need some information about several
rather exotic languages. In fact, we would like to obtain English
translations (and/or explanations) of a number of words from the
following languages:

Dugum Dani, Jal&eacute;, Lower Valley Hitigima, Upper Pyramid (Central New Guinea)
Ngombe (Afro-Asiatic)
Pomo (Hokan)
Tiv, Baganda, Bambara, Lingala, Mende (Congo-Kordofanian)
Tongan (Polynesian)
Bisayan, Ellice Island, Somali (Austronesian)
Hanun&oacute;o (Austronesian)

If you can provide information on at least one of those languages,
please scroll down to the list of words we would like to be
translated. In case you can't read the special characters (like
accents, etc.), we could send you a Microsoft Word or an HTML file
with the same words.

Thanks in advance!

Z.Ling and a group of linguists at the Russian State University of the Humanities


Dugum Dani: modla, mili
Jal&eacute;: h&oacute;lo, si&#331;
Lower Valley Hitigima: mola, muli
Upper Pyramid: mola, muli
Ngombe: bopu, bohindu
Pomo: likolkokin, tantankin, totokin
Tiv: ii, niyan, pupu
Baganda: eru, dagaru, mynfu
Bambara: dy&eacute;ma, fima, bl&eacute;ma
Lingala: mp&#941;mb&#941;, mwindo, mot&aacute;n&eacute;
Mende: kole, teli, kpou, pune
Tongan: uliuli, kula, enga, hinahina
Bisayan: mabosag, maitum, mapula, madarag
Ellice Island: kena, uli, kula, senga
Somali: 'ad, mado, 'as, owlaled
Hanun&oacute;o: (ma)lagti?, (ma)biru, (ma)rara?, (ma)latuy
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Message 2: Situational Speech and Comprehension

Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 17:04:36 EDT
From: PezBoySka <>
Subject: Situational Speech and Comprehension

I am interested in doing research on situational speech comprehension, it's 
phonetics, and it's formation. An example might be short term academic group 
work in math or something similar. If anyone knows of any literature on the 
topic, it would be a great help.
 Jed Evans
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