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Sun Nov 12 2000

Confs: Romance Linguistics, Utrecht University

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  • Sergio Baauw, Program Going Romance 2000

    Message 1: Program Going Romance 2000

    Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 14:00:20 +0100
    From: Sergio Baauw <>
    Subject: Program Going Romance 2000


    FOURTEENTH SYMPOSIUM ON ROMANCE LINGUISTICS Utrecht University, 30 November - 1 December

    Utrecht Institute of Linguistics - OTS (UiL OTS) Holland Institute of Generative Linguistics (HIL)

    Thursday 30 November

    9.15 Opening 9.30-10.30 Jean-Yves Pollock (Universit� d'Amiens) On the Left Periphery of Some Romance Wh-Questions 10.30-11.10 Nicola Munaro (Universit� di Padova) Splitting Subject Clitic-Verb Inversion 11.10-11.30 coffee & tea break 11.30-12.10 Raffaella Folli (University of Oxford) Resultative Constructions: Small Clauses or Complex VPs? 12.10-12.50 Jaume Mateu Fontanals (Universitat Aut�noma de Barcelona) Lexicalization Patterns and the Locative Alternation. 12.50-14.15 lunch 14.15-14.55 Cilene Rodrigues (University of Maryland, College Park) Deriving Referential Null Subjects from Movement 14.55-15.35 Larisa Avram (University of Bucharest) The Unbearable "Heavyness" of Antecedents 15.35-16.15 Ricardo Etxepare (CNRS, Bayonne)Quotative Constructions in Spanish 16.15-16.40 coffee & tea break 16.40-17.40 Roberto Zamparelli (Universit� di Bergamo) Understanding Subkinds

    Friday 1 December

    9.30-10.30 Donka Farkas (University of California at Santa Cruz)Extreme Non- Specificity in Romanian. 10.30-11.10 Josep Quer (University of Amsterdam) Edging Quantifiers: On QP-Fronting in Romance. 11.10-11.30 coffee & tea break 11.30-12.10 Gloria Cocchi (Universit� di Firenze/ Universit� di Urbino) & Cecilia Poletto (CNR Padova) CD-Deletion in Florentine: The Interaction Between Merge and Move 12.10-12.50 Manuela Ambar (Universidade de Lisboa) Wh-Questions and Wh-Exclamatives - Unifying Mirror Effects 12.50-14.15 lunch 14.15-14.55 Elena Guerzoni (MIT) Stress and Tense in Italian Verbs 14.55-15.35 Emmanuel Nikiema (University of Toronto/CNRS, Aix) Defective Syllables: A New Perspective on the Distribution of Italian /il/ and /lo/ 15.35-16.15 Luis Alonso-Ovalle (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) Is the "Arbitrary Interpretation" a Semantic Epiphenomenon? Evidence from Spanish. 16.15-16.40 coffee & tea break 16.40-17.20 Ana Maria Martins (University of Lisbon) On Word Order Variation: The Loss of IP-Scrambling in Portuguese 17.20-18.00 Jo�o Costa (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) & Charlotte Galves (Universidade de Campinas) Peripheral Subjects in two Varieties of Portuguese: Evidence for a Non-Unified Analysis Evening Conference Dinner

    Saturday 2 December : Workshop on Topic & Focus (see separate program)

    Alternates: 1. Ellen-Petra Kester & Petra Sleeman (University of Amsterdam) Partitive Constructions and Antisymmetry 2. Tanya Reinhart (Utrecht University/Tel-Aviv University) & Tal Siloni (Tel-Aviv University) Auxiliary Selection and Reduction 3, but first for phonology: Alexandra Popescu (Heinrich-Heine-Universit�t D�sseldorf) Romanian Verb Extensions - A Case of Prosodic Epenthesis 4. Ra�l Aranovich (University of Texas at San Antonio) Impersonal Constructions, Control and Second-Order Predication

    Location: Instituto Cervantes, Domplein 3, Utrecht

    Registration: on site, HFL 60 (including workshop)

    Organizing Committee: Sergio Baauw (Utrecht University - UiL OTS) Frank Drijkoningen (Utrecht University - UiL OTS / Dept. of General Linguistics) Aafke Hulk (Amsterdam University - HIL) Brigitte Kampers-Manhe (Groningen University - Dept. of Romance languages) Johan Rooryck (Leiden University - HIL) Jan Schroten (Utrecht University - UiL OTS / Dept. of Spanish) Henri�tte de Swart (Utrecht University - UiL OTS / Dept. of French) Els Verheugd (Amsterdam University - HIL / Dept. of French).

    Information: Going Romance 2000 Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS Trans 10 3512 JK Utrecht

    e-mail: tel: +31 (0)30 2536006 fax: +31 (0)30 2536000

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