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Wed May 23 2001

Qs: Chinese Nouns, Feature Structures

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  1. mohammed amine, about Chinese DP
  2. Norbert E.Fuchs, Feature Structures

Message 1: about Chinese DP

Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 13:32:07 -0000
From: mohammed amine <>
Subject: about Chinese DP

Dear List
Li (1998) suggests that Chinese indefinite noun can project only Number 
phrase: D is not projected. (Li, Y-H A., (1998), "Argument determiner 
Phrases and Number Phrases", Linguistic Inquiry 29, pp 693-702)

I think that in construct state in Semitic languages D is projected. I think 
that whenever a construct state is showed, D heads the structure.

Can Chinese valid a construct state?
Could we consider "shivan fan"(ten+bowl rice) a construct state ? Does "fan" 
host a genitive case ?
If so, I expect that the construct state in chinese is a DP and Can be a 
subject or a topic (unlike the indefenite).

	Thanks before hand
	M. Amine
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Message 2: Feature Structures

Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 06:13:58 -0400
From: Norbert E.Fuchs <fuchsIFI.UNIZH.CH>
Subject: Feature Structures

We have been using Covington's GULP preprocessor to introduce
feature structures into two logic-based grammars that we developed
for Attempto Controlled English (ACE).

We are now starting with the implementation of the grammar of ACE 4
- most probably as a DCG - and are looking for possible alternatives
to GULP. Systems like ALE and CUF would be an overkill and also not
satisfy our performance requirements. However, Gregor Erbach's
Profit seems to be a viable candidate that also introduces sorts.

Are there similar preprocessors?

Has anybody used GULP, ProFIT or similar systems and would share
her/his experience with us?

Does anybody know of comparative evaluations of GULP, ProFIT or
similar systems concerning functionality, performance etc?

Thanks for your help.

Norbert E. Fuchs
Department of Computer Science
University of Zurich
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