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Fri Aug 3 2001

Qs: Nahuatl Interpreter Needed, Cog Ling & Internet

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  1. Daniel Suslak, urgent request for a Nahuatl interpreter
  2. Margarita Correa Beningfield, Cognitive linguistics and the internet

Message 1: urgent request for a Nahuatl interpreter

Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 20:00:17 -0500
From: Daniel Suslak <>
Subject: urgent request for a Nahuatl interpreter

Hi folks,

I just received this urgent request from an acquaintance (see email excerpt 

Are there any competent Nahuatl speakers (I'm told that the defendant hails 
from Puebla) or friends of Nahuatl speakers out there who might be able to 
lend a hand? Please send your responses to me and/or Lois Feuerle at:

Apparently the state of Oregon is on the lookout for speakers of various 
Mesoamerican languages (e.g. Tarasco, Zapoteco, Mixteco, Mam) to do 
translation work, so please contact Lois if you are interested in helping out.

Thank you for your assistance.

Daniel Suslak

Dept of Anthropology
University of Chicago
11126 E 59th St
Chicago, IL USA 60615

* * * * *

>The general background here is that a Nahua speaker is alleged to have
>killed his wife. Consequently there are two proceedings coming up:
>The first proceeding is a dependency hearing to determine who should be
>taking care of the children. The second proceeding will be the trial for
>the killing.
>The dependency hearing is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 p.m.
>Pacific Daylight Time. For the hearings, depending on where the interpreter
>is located, we could probably do them over the phone if the judge and
>attorneys are okay with this. But, of course, this is something for the
>judge and attorneys to decide. At the moment this is the most critical
>because of the time factor.
>For the murder trial we have a little more time, however, we would want a
>person to interpret here in Oregon in the courtroom. The State of Oregon
>would fly the interpreter here, pay for lodging etc. I am waiting to hear
>what date the trial is set down for and will let you know ASAP.
>Can't express how much we appreciate your help.
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Message 2: Cognitive linguistics and the internet

Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 10:09:30 +0200
From: Margarita Correa Beningfield <>
Subject: Cognitive linguistics and the internet

I am trying to find out what work has been published that takes the 
internet and examples found in it as the basis (the corpus?) for 
cognitive linguistic studies of some sort: conceptualization, metaphor, 
or simply studies that have to do with the language used in the internet 
from a cognitive linguistics perspective. I would APPRECIATE immensely 
any reference sent to me. I will post what I receive here in this list. 
Thanks so much! If anyone could tell me too where to look for studies of 
this sort this would also be of great help.

I look forward to your replies.

Margarita Correa-Beningfield
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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