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Mon Aug 13 2001

Qs: Construction of Grammar, Scandinavian Syntax

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  1. tomasz wisniewski, Language acquisition outside school in traditional societies
  2. Hoskuldur Thrainsson, Bibliography on Scandinavian Syntax

Message 1: Language acquisition outside school in traditional societies

Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 05:04:06 -0700 (PDT)
From: tomasz wisniewski <>
Subject: Language acquisition outside school in traditional societies

In an article about language acquisition by George W. Grace,
University of Hawaii, at: 

in footnote 3 there is mention a of a method used by Papua New Guinea
natives described separetely by Thurston and Laycock.

I have been unable to locate these papers, and I would like to ask
what exactly is the method they describe. It says it doesn't include
grammar theory, but I find these questions also important (e.g. when
considering language acquisition and education in general):

1. Does this method include lessons? Is there time set apart from
normal life to create artificial situation that are described by the
teacher? Does he say more than he would to one who already knows his

2. Is there any system (e.g. concentrating on one subject at a time)
in this method?

3. Does the teacher correct mistakes?

4. How intensive is it? When does the teaching stop and the student is
abandoned to practice only?

I suppose similar methods were also used in countries where there were
many languages spoken: the Caucasus (especially before Russian
occupation, when e.g. Avar was the inter-tribal language), Sudan, and
near borders everywhere.

If you have any infrormation about any of those I will appreciate very
much if you contact me.

Tomasz Wisniewski
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Message 2: Bibliography on Scandinavian Syntax

Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 12:13:49 -0000
From: Hoskuldur Thrainsson <>
Subject: Bibliography on Scandinavian Syntax

Please post the following:

Bibliography of Scandinavian Syntax

Dear colleagues,

I have a small grant to compile a bibliography of Scandinavian Syntax and
make it accessible on the Net. A couple of research assistants are currently
working on this project. I would really appreciate it if you could send me
copies of relevant bibliographies or lists of references you may have in
your computer or on disks, e.g. from some recent papers or books of your
own. The assistance of those of you who do will be thankfully acknowledged
in the preface to the bibliography. Besides, if you send me bibliographies
from your own work it is very likely that they will contain references to
other relevant works of yours (if you are like most of us!) All this will
make you even more famous than you already are - so you see that there is
something in this for you too!

Seriously, your help is obviously needed if this is going to be a useful
project. You can send the material by e-mail (cut-and-paste or attachment)
or on a diskette (PC-format preferred (Word, WordPerfect, rtf ...). Thanks
in advance!

Hoskuldur Thrainsson

Department of Icelandic

University of Iceland

IS-101 Reykjavik
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