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    Message 1: General Linguistics: UBC Working Papers

    Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 07:34:18 -0700
    From: Linguistics-UBCWPL <>
    Subject: General Linguistics: UBC Working Papers

    PUBLICATIONS AVAILABLE FROM UBCWPL University of British Columbia Working Papers in Linguistics

    UBCWPL Volume 6: ICSNL XXXVI: The Thirty-Sixth International Conference on Salish and Neighbouring Languages. Edited by L. Bar-el, L.T. Watt & I. Wilson (July 2001).


    ANA ARREGUI & LISA MATTHEWSON A cross-linguistic perspective on the expression of manner DAWN BATES AND THOM HESS Tense or aspect? A prefix of future time in Lushootseed STRANG BURTON, HENRY DAVIS, PETER JACOBS, LINDA TAMBURRI WATT & MARTINA WILTSCHKO A boy, a dog and a frog HENRY DAVIS On negation in Salish BRENT GALLOWAY Integrated cognitive semantics applied to Halkomelem DONNA B. GERDTS & THOMAS E. HUKARI Argument linking and passives in Halkomelem CARRIE GILLON Negative generic sentences in Squamish Salish MERCEDES QUESNEY HINKSO The semantics of the lexical suffix *wil EUN-SOOK KIM Glottalization in Southern Wakashan: a comparative study M. DALE KINKADE Proto-Salish irrealis SHARON R. KINLEY Northern Straits: A Native perspective DERYLE LONSDALE A two-level implementation of Lushootseed morphology ANTHONY MATTINA Okanagan sentence types: a preliminary working paper TIMOTHY MONTLER Auxiliaries and other grammatical categories in Klallam SCOTT SHANK And-fronting and the copula in Upper Chehalis WAYNE SUTTLES Some questions about Northern Straits JILL MARIA WAGNER Coeur d'Alene/Snchitsu'umshtsn language revitalization efforts in public high school in past and present context Martina Wiltschko Passive in Halkomelem and Squamish Salish

    UBCWPL Volume 5: Proceedings of WSCLA 5 (The Workshop on Structure and Constituency in Languages of the Americas). Edited by S. Gessner, S. Oh & K. Shiobara (May 2001).

    LEORA BAR-EL & LINDA TAMBURRI WATT Word internal constituency in Squamish (Squamish Salish) DAVID BECK Conventionality and lexical classes SONYA BIRD What is a word? Evidence from a computational approach to Navajo verbal morphology PHIL BRANIGAN & MARGUERITE MACKENZIE How much syntax can you fit into a word? Late insertion and verbal agreement in Innu-aimun GEORGE AARON BROADWELL On the phonological conditioning of clitic placement in Zapotec BENJAMIN BRUENING & ANDREA RACKOWSKI Configurationality and object shift in Algonquian NORVIN RICHARDS Some notes on Conjunct and Independent Orders in Wampanoag GRAZYNA ROWICKA Epenthesis and prosodic (in)visibility in Mohawk and Upper Chehalis JAN VAN EIJK Word, clitic and sentence in Lillooet

    UBCWPL Volume 4: Current Research on African Languages and Linguistics Edited by S. Gessner, S. Oh and K. Shiobara (March 2001)

    OLADIIPO AJIBOYE A comparative study of Edo and Yoruba gerunds MARK C. BAKER AND OSAMUYIMEN THOMPSON STEWART Unaccusativity and the adjective/verb distinction: Edo evidence MARK C. BAKER AND OSAMUYIMEN THOMPSON STEWART Verb movement, objects, and serialization LAURA J. DOWNING How ambiguity of analysis motivates stem tone change in Durban Zulu MEGAN MORRISON Plurality and multiplicity in Edo and English CORY R.C. SHEEDY Grammatical Tones in Edo: An Optimality Theoretic account CHARLES H. ULRICH Labial-tone interaction in Lama verbs FLORENCE FUNG LAM WOO Serial verb constructions in Edo and Cantonese ***And featuring University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria PhD dissertation*** EMMANUEL EFEREALA EFERE The pitch system of the B`u`mo` dialect of I`zo`n

    UBCWPL Volume 3: ICSNL XXXV: The Thirty-Fifth International Conference on Salish and Neighbouring Languages Edited by S. Gessner & S. Oh (July 2000)

    PAUL BARTHMAIER Lushootseed argument structure and the discourse function of the morpheme /-b/ DAVID BECK Grammatical convergences in Bella Coola (Nuxalk) and North Wakashan HENRY DAVIS Coordination and constituency in St'at'imcets HENRY DAVIS AND DAVID ROBERTSON "Fox and Cayooty": An early St'at'imcets-Chinook Jargon bilingual text DONNA B. GERDTS AND THOMAS E. HUKARI Stacked antipassives in Halkomelem Salish EUN-SOOK KIM Glottalization in Nuu-chah-nulth (Nootka): A module interaction case M. DALE KINKADE An initial study of some adjectival modifiers in Upper Chehalis KAORU KIYOSAWA AND NILE THOMPSON An initial look at Twana applicatives LISA MATTHEWSON One at a time in St'at'imcets ANTHONY MATTINA Okanagan sandhi and morphophonemics NANCY MATTINA AND ERNIE BROOKS Nxa?amxci'n (Salish) kinship terms **note: ? = glottal-stop, i'= i-with-an-accent-mark- going-up-to-the-right YUMIKO NAKAMURA Secwepemctsin (Shuswap) reduplication SCOTT SHANK AND IAN WILSON Acoustic evidence for ?? as a glottalized pharyngeal glide in Nuu-chah-nulth **note: ?? = backwards glottal stop LINDA TAMBURRI WATT, MICHAEL ALFORD, JEN CAMERON-TURLEY, CARRIE GILLON AND PETER JACOBS Squamish (Squamish Salish) stress: A look at the acoustics of /a/ and /u/ ADAM WERLE Semantic incorporation in Lillooet MARTINA WILTSCHKO Sentential negation in Upriver Halkomelem (and what it tells us about the structure of the clause) MARTINA WILTSCHKO Is Halkomelem split ergative? RACHEL WOJDAK Nuuchahnulth modification: Syntactic evidence against category neutrality

    UBCWPL Volume 2: Proceedings of WSCLA 4: The Workshop on Structure and Constituency in Languages of the Americas Edited by M. Caldecott, S. Gessner & E. Kim (November 1999)

    DAVID BECK Person, plurality, and speech-act participant in Totonac verbal paradigms EUNG-DO COOK Conjoined clauses are postpositional phrases in Chipewyan CHRISTOPHER CULY "Incorporation" and noun stems in Takelma MARCIA HAAG Choctaw focus as a syntactic adjunct GUNNAR OLAFUR HANSSON & RONALD SPROUSE Factors of change: Yowlumne vowel harmony then and now NANCY HEDBERG & SANDRA DUECK Cakchiquel reference and centering theory ANDREAS KATHOL & RICHARD A. RHODES Constituency and linearization of Ojibwe nominals TODD MCDANIELS Sentential second postion in Comanche BILL POSER Particle scope and dummy verbs in Carrier J. DIEGO QUESADA & MARILIA FACO SOARES Participant-highlighting in two linguistic areas of the Americas PATRICIA A. SHAW, SUSAN J. BLAKE, JILL CAMPBELL & CODY SHEPHERD Stress Musqueam Salish SUZANNE URBANCZYK Echo vowels in Coast Salish JAN VAN EIJK "Coyote drowns" (A Lillooet text) ALAN C. L. YU Non-derived environment blocking in Tohono O'odham stressassignment: A co-phonology account

    UBCWPL Volume 1: Current Research on Language and Linguistics Edited by M. Caldecott, S. Gessner & E. Kim (March 1999)

    TANYA BOB Tahltan morphophonemic processes in optimality theory MARION CALDECOTT Applying licensing by cue to Saanich SUZANNE GESSNER Tone assimilation in Navajo CARRIE GILLON & CODY SHEPHERD Intonational pauses and right-dislocation in Navajo TOMIO HIROSE Plains Cree palatalizations in OT IKUYO KANEKO Igede vowel hiatus resolution in Optimality Theory EUN-SOOK KIM Hypocoristics in Nuuchahnulth SUNYOUNG OH Laryngeal features of stops and pitch accent in Kyengsang dialect of Korean LINDA WATT Roots, lexical suffixes and stress in Squamish HENRY DAVIS Subject inflection in Salish YUMIKO NAKAMURA Possessor-raising in Bantu languages MATTHEW RITCHIE Overt object agreement morphology in standard modern English URI STRAUSS The negative imperative ban in Hebrew MARTINA WILTSCHKO The syntax of pronouns and determiners: A cross-linguistic study


    MITOPL 17 (MIT Occasional Papers in Linguistics): Papers from the Workshop on Structure and Constituency in Native American Languages (WSCLA 1) Edited by L. Bar-el, R.-M. Dechaine & C. Reinholtz (1999)

    ELEANOR BLAIN Complementizer ka- in Nehiwawewin (Plains Cree) JOSE CAMACHO & LILIANA SANCHEZ Three types of conjunction in Southern Quechua ROSE-MARIE DECHAINE What Algonquian morphology is really like: Hockett revisited ALANA JOHNS The decline of ergativity in Labrador Inuttut MICHELLE LONG Obviation and clausal relations in Plains Cree MARTHA MCGINNIS Is there syntactic inversion in Ojibwa? KEVIN RUSSELL What's with all these long words anyway? LILIANA SANCHEZ Why does Southern Quechua agree in person nominally? FILOMENA SANDALO Categorical projection and phrase structure in Kadiweu

    UBCWPL is published by the graduate students of the University of British Columbia. We feature current research on language and linguistics by students and faculty of the department, and we are the regular publishers of two conference proceedings: the Workshop on Structure and Constituency in Languages of the Americas (WSCLA) and the International Conference on Salish and Neighbouring Languages (ICSNL).

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