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Mon Oct 8 2001

Qs: Flemish/Dutch Differences, "Self-translation"

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  1. Arthur Thomas, Flemish and Dutch
  2., self translation and script translation

Message 1: Flemish and Dutch

Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 07:44:00 +0100
From: Arthur Thomas <>
Subject: Flemish and Dutch

I am doing a detailed study of the differences between Dutch and 
Flemish. Very little seems to be available.

I have printed Linguist List 7.1316, and I have found one other brief 
list of differences. I have a CD Rom called '101 Languages', by 
Transparent Co, which does separate Dutch and Flemish dialogs. The 
latter is perhaps the most useful.

But I want more lists of differences, especially a Dutch - Flemish 
'dictionary', akin to the type of British English to US English lists 
available. They *must* exist, either online or offline.

I am also at as well as at this address.

M. H. Thomas, England.
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Message 2: self translation and script translation

Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 11:48:16 +0200
From: <>
Subject: self translation and script translation


I'm a translation student from Italy and I'm writing my PHD on my
translation of a short movie script I wrote. I've done some research
on the topic self- translation and I've only found something about
Nabokov's translation of Lolita, Beckett's variuos
self-translation... but nothing GENERAL about the topic. This is what
I'm looking for: articles about the theory of self- translation,
differences with "normal" translation, intentionality in translating
one's own work, this sort of thing. I'm also trying to show that
transalting a non-filmed script is quite like translating for the
theatre (except for obvious setting differences).

Thanks to anyone who can give me advice on the topic.
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