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Wed Oct 10 2001

Qs: "Appositive" Constructions, Citation Articles

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  1. Luis Casillas, "N de NP" constructions in Romance
  2. HANAN DAOUD, Referring to others

Message 1: "N de NP" constructions in Romance

Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001 14:30:51 -0700
From: Luis Casillas <>
Subject: "N de NP" constructions in Romance

I'm looking for references on "N de NP" constructions
in Romance, in particular of the sorts that have been
referred to as "appositive", where the prepositional object
NP serves the referential function, while the upper N
predicates something of it.

I'm specially interested in valorative or insulting
constructions like the ones I give below, agreement
patterns that airse, and the distribution
of modifiers/determiners between the two Ns.
However, information on other kinds of issues with
this constructions, or on similar constructions
(e.g. partitives) is welcome. I will collect the
references I receive and make them available upon request.

I have already found some detailed literature on the French
constructions, both for European and Quebec French, and a
few mentions of the issue in Spanish, which I list below. I
would appreciate references to studies of these in other
Romance varieties, specially Spanish and Portuguese.

Spanish examples
(1) a. la mierda (belleza/delicia) de libro
 b. el pendejo de tu hermano

(2) a. el pueblo de R�o Piedras
 b. el d�a de ayer
 c. el mes de mayo

Quebec French examples
(3) a. ce crisse (d'osti de c�lice ...) de livre
 b. cette crisse de porte 

(4) a. la ville de Montr�al


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	_Gram�tica descriptiva de la lengua espa�ola_.
	Espasa, Madrid.
Thibault, Johanne, and Vincent, Diane, 1981. Le sacre en
	Fran�ais Montr�alais. _Le Fran�ais Moderne_ 49:4

Luis Casillas
Department of Linguistics
Stanford University
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Message 2: Referring to others

Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 14:12:43 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Referring to others

Dear linguist,

I have spent many times to search for articles on citation or
referring to others'works, but I have not found anything yet. All the
articles I have found are not carried by our liabraries here. Does
anyone know of any resources that would be avaiable on the internet?

Best Regards,
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