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Sat Oct 20 2001

Qs: Clitics/Case/Greek, Integrated L1/AL Eng Text

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  1. Andrew Janes, Request for Greek Data
  2. Lisa Treffry-Goatley, Integrated L1/AL English language materials

Message 1: Request for Greek Data

Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 12:40:27 +0100
From: Andrew Janes <>
Subject: Request for Greek Data


I am an undergraduate at the University of Durham, England, and am
writing my final year dissertation on Case-marking in clitic doubling

I have been looking at the following data (taken from the paper in CLS
31 (1995) by A Dimitriadis):

Edosa ta vivlia sto Giorgo.
I:gave the books to:the George:ACC

Edosa tou Giorgou ta vivlia.
I:gave the George:GEN the books.

Tou edosa ta vivlia (tou Giorgou).
Him:GEN I:gave the books the George:GEN

'I gave George/him the books.'

Please could someone let me have some similar data containing an overt
subject, e.g: 'Mary gave George the books.' and sentences where both
the DO and IO are pronouns, e.g: 'Mary gave them to him.' Is it
correct that clitics have a fixed place in the word order, but
corresponding full DPs have free word order?

Any help will be much appreciated.
I will post a summary of any replies I receive.

Andrew Janes
3rd Year English Language and Linguistics
University of Durham, UK
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Message 2: Integrated L1/AL English language materials

Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 15:11:26 +0200
From: Lisa Treffry-Goatley <>
Subject: Integrated L1/AL English language materials

Does anyone know of school-level English language learning materials
(textbooks) that integrate L1 & L2 teaching? Usually the practice is
to produce courses/series for either EL1 or EAL learners; I am
interested in a combined approach. I would also be interested in any
research that has been done in this area. Please reply to me directly

Lisa Treffry-Goatley
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