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Sun Feb 18 2001

Qs: Urdu Pedagogy, LaTeX Linguistic Materials

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  1. Asad Sayeed, Urdu pedagogy
  2. Asad Sayeed, LaTeX linguistics packages

Message 1: Urdu pedagogy

Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 9:47:03 EST
From: Asad Sayeed <>
Subject: Urdu pedagogy


I'm wondering if anyone knows of any good teaching materials for Urdu,
particularly for people who speak English but may already have some
Pakistani cultural exposure. I'm primarily looking for material for adult
learners, but children's material is also welcome. In particular, I'm
looking for books which are

1) entertaining/amusing. I find this to be very important--I myself cannot
really use materials which bore me in learning a language.

2) Contain good grammatical explanations, preferably in English, possibly
as well as Urdu.

3) Contain good exercises.

4) Can be used for self-study.

Thank you.

- Asad.
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Message 2: LaTeX linguistics packages

Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 9:33:10 EST
From: Asad Sayeed <>
Subject: LaTeX linguistics packages


Does anyone have some sort of a listing of LaTeX packages for linguistics?
I'm looking for

1. A tree diagramming package. In particular, one which puts the words of
the phrase being diagrammed on the same line (but not the projections).
If you've used Liliane Haegeman's Gov't and Binding Theory textbook, you
should know what I mean. 

2. Some system to represent movement, esp. if it can be done in the trees.
I'd like to have one that both helps me put labelled movement arrows
around a line of text and one that puts such arrows at arbitrary points in
the tree.

3. Interlinear glossing.

Even if you don't have something exactly like it, I'd like to see what you
have. I was thinking that it would also be nice if someone had a web
page/catalogue for them. It's even possible that I'd be willing to
maintain such a thing.

- Asad.
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