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Sat Feb 24 2001

Qs: Discourse Referents/Time, "Gengo Seikatsu"

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  1. Robert Belvin, discourse referents and time
  2. Vladimir Rykov, Gengo Seikatsu

Message 1: discourse referents and time

Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 15:42:17 -0800
From: Robert Belvin <>
Subject: discourse referents and time

Does anyone know of studies which look at the extent to which the passage 
of time determines whether a discourse referent is "current" or not. For 
example, given a discourse like the following:

A: "Is John here?"
B: "I don't know"
 ...time delay...
C: "Is he in his office?"

How long a time delay might there be before "he" in the third sentence 
could no longer felicitously be interpreted as "John", assuming no other 
discourse referents had been introduced during the delay. I realize this 
example is simplistic, but hopefully it suffices to illustrate the area of 
study I'm interested in.

Robert Belvin

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Message 2: Gengo Seikatsu

Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 15:45:07 +0300
From: Vladimir Rykov <>
Subject: Gengo Seikatsu

I would be grateful if anyone would send me info/sources of info (in
English) of a kind of Japanese linguistic field of research called
"Gengo Seikatsu" (somemthing like "linguistic Existence" in my double
bad translation)
Vladimir Rykov, PhD in Computational Linguistics, 
Personal web-site:
MOCKBA, Linguistic Institute of RAS 
English version:
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