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Tue Feb 27 2001

Qs: Input/Output & L2, Drawing/Writing & L2

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  1. leob, Input/Output and L2 Production
  2. leob, Drawing/Writing and L2

Message 1: Input/Output and L2 Production

Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 00:49:57 -0500
From: leob <>
Subject: Input/Output and L2 Production

I am trying to locate empirical study dealing with input/output and 
social interaction in the 2L classroom. Whatever I have read seems to 
relate to classroom tasks, recalling vocabulary words, or "noticing." 
Are there any studies that look at the input/output hypotheses and the 
classroom environment? Please send responses to me at:
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Message 2: Drawing/Writing and L2

Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 01:19:05 -0500
From: leob <>
Subject: Drawing/Writing and L2

I want to explore the connection between drawing and writing. I
believe that children's drawings are an expression of spoken and
written language.

With young children (K-2),their personal visuals can be used to recall
or respond to a story, when they do not yet have the spoken language
or written language to fully commmicate that which they want to
say. While they are internalizing their L1, they rely on drawings to
give meaning to what they hear (in storytelling). In the 2L classroom,
a kindergartener will gladly produce a drawing to communicate and
express what she/he is feeling,etc. I think that written language
develops as a result of drawing, and that children develop written
language as a tool to better explain what is in their drawings and

Is there research addressing the connection between
drawing/writing and literacy for 2LL's? 

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