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Books: South African Languages

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  • Joyce Reid, South African Languages: Language in South Africa by Mesthrie (ed.)

    Message 1: South African Languages: Language in South Africa by Mesthrie (ed.)

    Date: 16 Jan 2002 15:11:10 +0800
    From: Joyce Reid <>
    Subject: South African Languages: Language in South Africa by Mesthrie (ed.)

    Language in South Africa

    Editor Raj Mesthrie, University of Cape Town, South Africa

    This is a comprehensive and wide-ranging guide to language and society in South Africa. The book surveys the most important language groupings in the region in terms of pre-colonial and colonial history; contact between the different language varieties (leading to language loss, pidginization, creolization and new mixed varieties). It examines language and public policy issues associated with the transition to a post-apartheid society and its eleven official languages. All the chapters are informed by the importance of socio-political history in understanding questions of language.


    R. Mesthrie, A. Traill, R.K. Herbert, R. Bailey, P.T. Roberge, R. Lass, D. Aarons, P. Akach, E. de Kadt, R. Adendorff, W. Branford, J.S. Claughton, K. McCormick, S. Slabbert, R. Finlayson, J. Keith Chick, V. de Klerk, David Gough, G.L. Stone, K.D.P. Makhudu, D.K. Ntshangase, T.G. Reagan, S. Murray, K. Heugh

    Introduction R. Mesthrie;

    Part1. The Main Language Groupings: 1. South Africa--a sociolinguistic overview R. Mesthrie; 2. The Khoesan languages A. Traill; 3. The Bantu languages R. K. Herbert and R. Bailey; 4. Afrikaans P. T. Roberge; 5. South African English R. Lass; 6. South African sign language D. Aarons and P. Akach; 7. German Speakers in South Africa E. de Kadt; 8. Indian languages in South Africa R. Mesthrie;

    Part II. Language Contact: 9. Fanakalo: a South African pidgin R. Adendorff; 10. Mutual lexical borrowings among some languages of South Africa W. Branford and J. S. Claughton; 11. Code-switching, mixing and convergence in Cape Town K. McCormick; 12. Code-switching in South African townships S. Slabbert and R. Finlayson; 13. Intercultural miscommunication in South Africa J. Keith Chick; 14. Women's language of respect R. Finlayson; 15. The sociohistory of clicks in Southern Bantu R. K. Herbert; 16. Language and gendered ethnicity in a Thonga community R. K. Herbert; 17. Indian South African English R. Mesthrie; 18. Black South African English V. de Klerk and David Gough; 19. The lexicon and sociolinguistic codes of the working-class Afrikaans-speaking Cape Peninsula coloured community G. L. Stone; 20. An introduction to Flaaitaal K. D. P. Makhudu; 21. Language and language practices in Soweto D. K. Ntshangase;

    Part III. Language Planning, Policy and Education: 22. Language planning and language policy: past, present and future T. G. Reagan; 23. Language issues in South African education S. Murray; 24. Recovering multilingualism: recent language policy developments K. Heugh.

    2002/c. 450 pp. 0-521-79105-7/Hb/List: $75.00*

    Cambridge University Press



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