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Mon Sep 23 2002

Jobs: Speech Perception: Post Doc, Indiana U, USA

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  1. dsallee, Speech Perception: Post Doc at Indiana U, USA

Message 1: Speech Perception: Post Doc at Indiana U, USA

Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 16:20:12 +0000
From: dsallee <>
Subject: Speech Perception: Post Doc at Indiana U, USA

University or Organization: Indiana University
Rank of Job: Post Doc
Specialty Areas Required: Cognitive Science, Language Acquisition,
Phonetics, Phonology, Psycholinguistics, Speech Perception/Word
Required Language(s):



Indiana University is pleased to announce the availability of NIH
Postdoctoral Traineeships in Speech, Hearing, and Sensory
Communication. Postdocs are available to qualified individuals with
Ph.D. degrees who wish to further their background and training in any
of the following areas of basic and clinical research:

(1) Speech Perception and Production; 
(2) Spoken Word Recognition and Lexical Access; 
(3) Auditory Psychophysics and Hearing Science; 
(4) Clinical and Experimental Audiology; 
(5) Tactile Psychophysics and Communication; 
(6) Acoustic and Articulatory Phonetics and Laboratory Phonology; 
(7) Perceptual and Cognitive Development; 
(8) Clinical Phonetics and Phonology; 
(9) Sensory Aids for the Hearing Impaired; 
(10) Speech Perception in Deaf Children and Adults with Cochlear
(11) Language Development in Hearing Impaired Children and Deaf
 Children with Cochlear Implants.

The program welcomes individuals with background and previous training
in Speech and Hearing Sciences, Linguistics, Engineering,
Developmental and Experimental Psychology, and Cognitive Science.
Trainee salaries, consistent with current NIH guidelines, range from
$31,092 to $38,712 plus a modest travel allowance. Trainees are
expected to carry out empirical and/or theoretical research and
collaborate with core professors and other research scientists
currently working in the laboratories and clinics in Bloomington and
the Indiana University School of Medicine School in Indianapolis.

Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to send: (1) an
up-to-date vita, (2) a personal letter describing their specific
research interests, goals, and long-term career plans, and (3)
reference letters from three people who can describe the applicant's
background, interests, research potential and previous accomplishments
as soon as possible before Februrary 1, 2003. Reprints and preprints
should also be included with the application letter.

Women, minority members, and handicapped individuals are urged to
apply. NIH guidelines require that 'the individual to be trained must
be a citizen or a non-citizen national of the United States or have
been lawfully admitted for permanent residence at the time of

Send all correspondence and materials to: Professor David B. Pisoni,
Program Director, Indiana University, Department of Psychology, 1101
E. 10th St., Bloomington, Indiana 47405-7007, (812)855-1155 FAX:
(812)855-1300, Email:

Indiana University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

Address for Applications:

	Attn: Darla Sallee
	1101 E 10th Street, Indiana University
	Dept of Psychology
 IN 47405
	United States of America

	Applications are due by 01-Feb-2003

Contact Information:
	Prof David Pisoni.
	Tel: 812-855-1155
	Fax: 812-855-1300
	Website: NULL

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