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  • Michelle Portalatin, Language Description: Facts About the World's Languages

    Message 1: Language Description: Facts About the World's Languages

    Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 12:49:44 -0500 (EST)
    From: Michelle Portalatin <>
    Subject: Language Description: Facts About the World's Languages

    Honored by Choice Magazine as an Outstanding Academic Title of 2001! FACTS ABOUT THE WORLD'S LANGUAGES: An Encyclopedia of the World's Major Languages, Past and Present.

    Edited by Jane Garry and Carl Rubino

    "Highly recommended for all academic libraries, including those owning Comrie or Campbell." - Choice Magazine

    "Since every article is written by an expert in the respective language, both the texts and the bibliographic selections are very good." - American Reference Books Annual

    Facts About the World's Languages explores the structure, history and culture of 191 languages worldwide. The volume is the product of seven years of compilation from the work of nearly 200 world-renowned scholars in linguistics. Each entry is written by one or more recognized experts.

    Languages spoken by two million or more people are the focus. Coverage does, however, make exceptions to the rule: such noteworthy ancient languages as Latin, Ancient Greek, Classical Chinese, Akkadian, Tocharian, Sumerian, Coptic, Ge'ez, Punic, Etruscan, Biblical Hebrew, Pali, and Sanskrit are included for their importance in early linguistic scholarship and in the development of many other languages. Additionally, some languages with smaller populations are featured to represent less frequently described language families and to give a broader typological perspective: Nivkh, Creek, Navajo, Cherokee, Eskimo, Warlpiri, and Arapesh, among them.

    Visit for a complete list of contributors to the volume. Visit for a list of languages covered.

    Each of 191 chapters is devoted to a single language, and follows a consistent structure. Headings include:

    * Language name: including obsolete or pejorative terms, and the autonym (the name speakers use for their own language). * Location: where the language is currently spoken, plus where it has spread through migration, colonization, or globalization. * Family - the deemed "genetic" classification for each family. * Related languages. * Dialects - forms that are mutually intelligible, but with varying phonologies, lexicons, and grammatical characteristics. * Number of speakers - upper and lower estimates. * Origin and history. * Orthography and basic phonology - the written symbols and spelling conventions, and inventory and nature of the sound system (with consonant and vowel charts). * Basic morphology - a detailed overview of word classes for each language and the morphological systems available to them. * Basic syntax. * Contact with other languages. * Common words. * Selected bibliography - including standard dictionaries and linguistic works for each language. Entries are restricted to works done in English, unless the documented language does not have a good history of scholarship in the English-speaking community.

    Chapters also include a section on Efforts to Preserve, Protect, and Promote the Language, detailing the history and legacy of preservation programs for "endangered" and officially repressed languages.

    The volume also features three indexes: * Index of Languages by Country * Index of Languages by Family * Index of Languages and Alternate Names.

    Though linguistics is a highly technical discipline, the volume describes each language in words a student or layperson can comprehend. Technical terms that are indispensable to a thorough understanding of the subject are defined in the volume's glossary.

    For more information on Facts About the World's Languages, visit

    Hardcover * 896 pages * August 2001 * 0-8242-0970-2

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