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Thu Sep 2 2004

Calls: Applied Ling; Phonology

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  • Greg Watson, Pedagogical Stylistics
  • kaisse, Phonology

    Message 1: Pedagogical Stylistics

    Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 09:38:23 -0400
    From: Greg Watson <>
    Subject: Pedagogical Stylistics


    The field of stylistics has greatly developed since the late 1950s. One cannot state that it is simply an interface between literature and linguistics any longer, especially after the development of cognitive studies. We are interested in publishing an edited volume on the state of the art of stylistics, specifically in classroom contexts. How has pedagogical stylistics developed since the late 1950s? Where do we stand now? How has research in this area progressed? What are the prospects for the future in terms of research and application? These are some of the issues which we believe should belong to this volume.

    In order not to influence the scope of submissions, we refrain from setting predefined sections. On the contrary, we welcome a wide variety of submissions from theoretical discussions, relations between stylistics and new technology, research on students' response to texts, and all sorts of classroom applications.

    Submissions should be preceded by 300-500 word abstracts. All work must be original, non-published material and should follow the style of the Instructions to Authors published in Language and Literature. Language of submission should be English, and we especially welcome work from non-English speaking countries. All papers will be reviewed.

    The proposed timetable for this project is:

    Submission of abstract: December 2004 Submission of papers (upon invitation): July 2005 Submission of manuscript to reputable publisher: December 2005

    If you wish to contribute to this volume, please contact either Greg Watson or Sonia Zyngier, preferably by email. (In case you prefer to use regular mail, please address your envelope to Dr. Greg Watson):

    Dr. Greg Watson Department of Foreign Languages PO Box 111 University of Joensuu. Finland e-mail:

    Dr. Sonia Zyngier Post-Graduate Programme of Applied Linguistics Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Brazil e-mail:

    Message 2: Phonology

    Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 12:18:04 -0400 (EDT)
    From: kaisse <>
    Subject: Phonology


    Call Deadline: 1-JUL-2005

    Phonology: Call for papers

    Thematic issue: 'Between stress and tone'

    Phonology is dedicating a thematic issue, entitled 'Between stress and tone', to word-level prosodic systems, with particular reference to issues of typology in prosodic systems in the languages of the world. This issue will be edited by Bert Remijsen (University of Leiden & University of Edinburgh) and Vincent van Heuven (University of Leiden).

    Submissions are invited on any topic relevant to the theme of the issue, in particular those dealing with new data and analysis of typologically unusual systems, new perspectives on word-prosodic typology, or hypotheses that have a bearing on typology. Papers can have a synchronic or diachronic perspective, and both phonological and phonetic work is invited. Submissions dealing with word-prosodic contrasts in relation to other aspects of the prosodic system, such as intonation, are particularly encouraged.

    This thematic issue is being edited in conjunction with a conference with the same title to be held in Leiden in June 2005 (see However, submissions to the thematic issue of Phonology are not restricted to participants in the conference, and no preference will be given to submissions from participants over those from non-participants.

    'Between stress and tone' will appear as one of the issues of Phonology 23 (2006). The deadline for submissions is 1 July 2005. General information on the submission of manuscripts can be found in previous issues of the journal, or on the Phonology website ( For this issue, two hard copies of each submission should be sent either to one of the editorial addresses (see the inside back cover of any issue of the journal) or to Bert Remijsen (Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Adam Ferguson Building, 40 George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9LL, Scotland). In addition, a copy of the paper in PDF format should be sent both to A.C.L.REMIJSENLET.LEIDENUNIV.NL and to EWENLET.LEIDENUNIV.NL, together with an abstract of the paper (maximum 150 words), if possible as plain text. Preference will be given to papers which will occupy no more than 25 printed pages in the journal.

    Submissions will be read by at least two reviewers and by the editors of the thematic issue.