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Thu Oct 21 2004

Qs: DOM Acquisition; Mandarin Child Corpora

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        1.    Miguel Rodriguez-Mondonedo, Acquisition of Differential Object Marking (DOM)
        2.    Marian Erkelens, Spontaneous Mandarin child language corpora

Message 1: Acquisition of Differential Object Marking (DOM)

Date: 21-Oct-2004
From: Miguel Rodriguez-Mondonedo <>
Subject: Acquisition of Differential Object Marking (DOM)

 I'm looking for information related with the ACQUISITION of Differential
 Object Marking---DOM constructions include cases like the Spanish
 preposition A, for direct objects that are [+animate] and [+specific], or
 Turkish accusative suffix -yi for [+specific] objects.
 There are several studies dealing with DOM constructions--including the
 ones mentioned here:
 However, it is difficult to find studies dealing with the acquisition of
 these structures. I'm interested in this particular aspect of DOM
 constructions. If you know works in this topic (including works in
 progress), please, let me know. I will be happy to post a summary.
 Miguel Rodríguez-Mondoñedo 
 Linguistic Field(s): Language Acquisition

Message 2: Spontaneous Mandarin child language corpora

Date: 21-Oct-2004
From: Marian Erkelens <>
Subject: Spontaneous Mandarin child language corpora

For my PhD-project on the acquisition of lexical categories (or
parts-of-speech) I would like to investigate how children acquire the
categories (if any) of their mother tongue. With this information I hope to
make inferences on the nature of lexical categories, the relationship
between categorial information and words, and the typology of lexical

With respect to the typological part, I would really like to include an
analysis of children acquiring Mandarin Chinese as a first language because
of the very interesting system of lexical categories in this language. 

Up to now, I have been using the CHILDES-database, but it does not offer
Mandarin child language corpora of children older than 2 years and 3
months. I have been asking around if people know of any corpora with speech
of older children, but with no success. 

I hope someone can help me with information about existing corpora of
Mandarin children older than 2;3. Or if you know people working on Mandarin
child language acquisition, I would be happy to know. 

Linguistic Field(s): Language Acquisition 
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