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  • paul, Issues in the Study of Pidgin and Creole Languages: Lefebvre

    Message 1: Issues in the Study of Pidgin and Creole Languages: Lefebvre

    Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 11:10:46 -0500 (EST)
    From: paul <>
    Subject: Issues in the Study of Pidgin and Creole Languages: Lefebvre

    Title: Issues in the Study of Pidgin and Creole Languages Series Title: Studies in Language Companion Series 70

    Publication Year: 2004 Publisher: John Benjamins

    Book URL:

    Author: Claire Lefebvre

    Hardback: ISBN: 9027230803, Pages: xvi, 358 pp. Price: Europe EURO 99.00


    The content of this book is concerned with various issues at stake in Creole studies that are also of interest for general linguistics. These include the general issue of Creole genesis and of the accelerated linguistic change that characterizes the emergence of these languages as compared to ordinary cases of linguistic change, the problem of the development of morphology in incipient Creoles, the problem of the validity of data in linguistic analysis, the issue of multifunctionality as regards the concept of lexical entry, the question of whether Creole languages are semantically more transparent than languages not known as Creoles, the issue of whether Creole languages constitute a typologically identifiable class and the problem of the interaction between the processes involved in the emergence and development of Creole languages. The purpose of this book is to present the major debates that are currently taking place in the field of Creole studies; evaluate the arguments against data (mainly drawn from Haitian Creole); and address the issues at stake within the framework of new paradigms. The various positions on each issue are summarized on the basis of a thorough review of the literature.

    Table of contents

    List of tables xi Preface xiii List of abbreviations xv Introduction 1 The genesis of pidgin and creole languages: A State of the Art 7 The relexification account of creole genesis. The case of Haitian Creole 37 What do creole studies have to offer to mainstream linguistics? 125 On data 139 Multifunctionality and the concept of lexical entry 155 On the semantic opacity of creole languages 181 Do creole languages really form a typological class? 207 The interplay of relexification and levelling in creole genesis and development 231 The emergence of productive morphology in creole languages: The case of Haitian Creole 259 References 309 Appendices 341 Index of authors 349 Index of subjects 355

    Lingfield(s): Historical Linguistics Sociolinguistics

    Subject Language(s): Haitian Creole French (Language Code: HAT)

    Written In: English (Language Code: ENG)

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