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Sun Sep 17 2006

Books: Discourse Analysis/Semantics: Wagner, Cacciaguidi-Fahy (Eds)

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Directory         1.    Philipp Waelle, Legal Language and the Search for Clarity: Wagner, Cacciaguidi-Fahy (Eds)

Message 1: Legal Language and the Search for Clarity: Wagner, Cacciaguidi-Fahy (Eds)
Date: 06-Sep-2006
From: Philipp Waelle <>
Subject: Legal Language and the Search for Clarity: Wagner, Cacciaguidi-Fahy (Eds)

Title: Legal Language and the Search for Clarity – Le langage juridique
et la quête de clarté Subtitle: Practice and Tools – Pratiques et Instruments Series Title: Linguistic Insights. Studies in Language and Communication. Vol. 37 Published: 2006 Publisher: Peter Lang AG

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Editor: Anne Wagner Editor: Sophie Cacciaguidi-Fahy, National University of Ireland Paperback: ISBN: 3039111698 Pages: 493 Price: U.K. £ 46.90
Paperback: ISBN: 3039111698 Pages: 493 Price: Europe EURO 67.05 Comment: for Germany and Austria EURO 71.70 (incl. VAT)
Paperback: ISBN: 3039111698 Pages: 493 Price: U.S. $ 79.95

This interdisciplinary collection with contributions in English and Frenchexplores how the various disciplines of law and linguistics appreciate andwork towards improving the nature of clarity and obscurity in legallanguage. For the first time, it brings together legal academics andpractitioners, jurilinguists and linguists from the common law and civillaw with the specific aim to understand the complex nature, practice andtools of clarity and obscurity in legal drafting. Topics addressed includehow the Clarity framework has been put into practice through the use ofplainer language, better comprehensibility, readability and access to legalor administrative texts. In an attempt to reflect the more recentdevelopment of the Clarity-Obscurity debate, the editors have also focusedon the use of specific instruments to respond to the problems raised byobscurity to improve clarity.


Sophie Cacciaguidi-Fahy/Anne Wagner: Searching for ClarityVéronique Champeil-Desplat : Les clairs-obscurs de la clarté juridiqueRoss Charnock: Clear Ambiguity - Richard Tremblay : L'abstraction auservice de la clarté en rédaction législativeLucia Morra/Piercarlo Rossi/Carla Bazzanella: Metaphor in Legal Language:Clarity or Obscurity?Samuel Xavier : La contribution du Conseil constitutionnel à latransparence du discours juridiqueCatherine Bergeal : La qualité de la réglementation en France : questionpolitique ou juridiqueChristopher Williams: Fuzziness in Legal English: What Shall we Do with Shall?Rose-Marie Gerbe : Le présent de l'indicatif dans le discours juridiquefrançaisLena Blomquist: One Little Word...Ros MacDonald: Writing Better Decisions: Plain English in Decision WritingNicola Langton: Cleaning up the Act: Using Plain English in LegislationArnaud Suspene : Clarification et simplification du langage administratifen FranceL'expérience du COSLA : Un Aspect de la Réforme de l'EtatGirolamo Tessuto: Simplifying Italian Administrative Language: An OverviewClaude Coulombe/Benoît Robichaud : Adaptation d'un outil de languesimplifiée (Simplus) aux textes juridiquesNathan McDonald: Mustor ManagementTM: Exploring the Role of Graphical Toolsin Achieving Greater Clarity in InstructionFrancis Delpérée : Comme aurait dit Boileau.

Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis                             Semantics
Subject Language(s): English (eng)                             French (fra)
Written In: English (eng )

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