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Tue Sep 26 2006

Software: Second Release of the RASP System

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Directory         1.    Ted Briscoe, Second Release of the RASP System

Message 1: Second Release of the RASP System
Date: 26-Sep-2006
From: Ted Briscoe <>
Subject: Second Release of the RASP System

The first public release of the RASP (robust accurate statistical parsing) system in 2002 has been downloaded by over 120 sites and used in diverse NLP and IR tasks.

The new release, which is also free for all non-commercial use, is designed to address several weaknesses of the extant toolkit.

Go to:

for more information, licence and download details

Brief highlights:

1) All modules have been incrementally improved to cover a greater range of text types.

2) The part-of-speech tagger lexicon has been semi-automatically enhanced to better deal with rare or unseen behaviour of known words.

3) New facilities have been provided for user customisation of grammar and output.

4) The grammatical relations output has been redesigned to better support further processing.

5) Weighted grammatical relations can now be efficiently extracted directly from the parse forest.

6) The training and tuning of the parse ranking model has been made more flexible and accurate.

7) The entire pipeline has been modified to support XML input and output.

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics Text/Corpus Linguistics

Subject Language(s): English (eng)