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Books: Ling Theories/Phonetics/Phonology: Goldstein, Whalen, Best (Eds)

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Message 1: Laboratory Phonology 8: Goldstein, Whalen, Best (Eds)
Date: 20-Sep-2006
From: Julia Ulrich <>
Subject: Laboratory Phonology 8: Goldstein, Whalen, Best (Eds)

Title: Laboratory Phonology 8 Series Title: Phonology and Phonetics 4-2 Published: 2006 Publisher: Mouton de Gruyter

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Editor: Louis Goldstein, Yale University Editor: Douglas H. Whalen, Haskins Laboratories Editor: Catherine T. Best, MARCS Auditory Laboratories Hardback: ISBN: 3110176785 Pages: 675 Price: Europe EURO 118.00 Comment: for USA, Canada, Mexico US$ 159.30

This collection of papers from Eighth Conference on Laboratory Phonology(held in New Haven, CT) explores what laboratory data that can tell usabout the nature of speakers' phonological competence and how they acquireit, and outlines models of the human phonological capacity that can meetthe challenge of formalizing that competence. The window on thephonological capacity is broadened by including, for the first time in theLaboratory Phonology series, work on signed languages and papers thatexplicitly compare signed and spoken phonologies.

A major focus, cutting across signed and spoken phonologies, is thatphonological competence must include both qualitative (or categorical) andquantitative (or variable) knowledge. Theoretical approaches represented inthe collection for accommodating these types of knowledge includemodularity, dynamical grammars, and probabilistic grammars. A second majorfocus is on the acquisition of this knowledge. Here the papers pursue theconsequences for acquisition of taking into account the richness andvariability of the adult systems that provide input to the child. The finalfocus is on how phonological knowledge guides speech production. Data andmodels address the question of how speech gestures interact with oneanother locally (through articulatory constraints and syllable-levelorganization) and how they interact with the prosodic structure of anutterance.

The twenty-six papers in the collection include invited contributions fromDiane Brentari, David Corina, David Perlmutter, D. Robert Ladd, DiamandisGafos, Marilyn Vihman, Shelley Velleman, Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel, andDani Byrd.


I. Qualitative and variable faces of phonological competence

Spoken languages

Convergences and divergences of signed and spoken languages

Signed Languages

II. Sources of variation and their role in the acquisition ofphonological competence

III. Knowledge of language-specific organization ofspeech gestures

Interaction of prosody and gestures

Local gesture interaction and perception

Linguistic Field(s): Linguistic Theories                             Phonetics                             Phonology
Written In: English (eng )

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