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Directory         1.    Ulrich Lueders, Syncope in the Verbal Prefixes of Tlingit: Cable

Message 1: Syncope in the Verbal Prefixes of Tlingit: Cable
Date: 26-Sep-2006
From: Ulrich Lueders <>
Subject: Syncope in the Verbal Prefixes of Tlingit: Cable

Title: Syncope in the Verbal Prefixes of Tlingit Subtitle: Meter and Surface Phonotactics Series Title: LINCOM Studies in Native American Linguistics 53 Published: 2006 Publisher: Lincom GmbH

Author: Seth Cable, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Paperback: ISBN: 3895863777 Pages: 84 Price: Europe EURO 40

This study presents an extended discussion and analysis of a seeminglyidiosyncratic syncope process governing the verbal prefix string ofTlingit, a highly endangered and understudied Na-Dene language of SoutheastAlaska and Northern British Columbia.

The author argues for a constraint-based analysis of this alternation,formulated within the specific framework of Optimality Theory. Under thisanalysis, the Tlingit syncope alternation functions to improve the overallmetrical well-formedness of the resulting word.

Moreover, much of the apparently irregular character of the rule is shownto follow from independently visible phonotactic constraints operating overdistinct sub-portions of the verbal prefix string.

This monograph may thus be considered a contribution to the growingliterature seeking to analyze the notoriously complex prefixal allomorphyof the Na-Dene languages in a constraint-based, output-oriented framework,and to understand aspects of this allomorphy in terms of the surfacephonotactics of the prefix string itself. The proposed analysis bears onvarious wider debates and issues within phonological theory, such as theanalysis of syllable contact phenomena and anti-gemination, the empiricaljustification of prosodic domains, the mapping between prosodic domains andmorphosyntactic structure, whether prosodic domains may overlap, and theways in which metrical structure can be detected.

Linguistic Field(s): Typology
Subject Language(s): Tlingit (tli)
Written In: English (eng )

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