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Wed Nov 01 2006

Qs: Identicalness Required within the Rhyme

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Directory         1.    Dave Eberhard, Identicalness Required within the Rhyme

Message 1: Identicalness Required within the Rhyme
Date: 30-Oct-2006
From: Dave Eberhard <>
Subject: Identicalness Required within the Rhyme

In Mamainde, a Northern Nambiquara language of Brazil, a coronal (or‘default’) coda will always get its place features from the nucleus, evenwhen feature sharing with the following onset would be expected. Nasalcodas also share the oral/nasal feature of the nucleus, (often producingoral/nasal contour segments, or pre-oralized nasals)

This raises the slight possibility that these various and seeminglyindependent instances of feature sharing between nucleus and coda might belinked by the effects of a broader tendency for identicalness within the Rhyme

I am curious as to whether such a tendency has ever been documented inother languages? Is anyone familiar with any languages where anassimilation rule MUST reference the rhyme (not just the syllable or VCadjacency)?

I am particularly interested in any possible markedness constraint, orother broad phonological motivation, which pertains specifically to therhyme - holding between the nucleus and the coda, requiring them to beidentical in certain ways or share certain features in the output.

A summary of responses will be posted.

regards,Dave EberhardS.I.L. field linguistBrazil

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