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Books: Cognitive Science: Geeraerts

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Directory         1.    Julia Ulrich, Cognitive Linguistics: Basic Readings: Geeraerts

Message 1: Cognitive Linguistics: Basic Readings: Geeraerts
Date: 15-Dec-2006
From: Julia Ulrich <>
Subject: Cognitive Linguistics: Basic Readings: Geeraerts

Title: Cognitive Linguistics: Basic Readings Series Title: Mouton Reader Published: 2006 Publisher: Mouton de Gruyter

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Editor: Dirk Geeraerts Hardback: ISBN: 3110190842 Pages: 485 Price: Europe EURO 98.00 Comment: 132.30
Hardback: ISBN: 3110190842 Pages: 485 Price: U.S. $ 132.30
Paperback: ISBN: 3110190850 Pages: 485 Price: Europe EURO 24.95
Paperback: ISBN: 3110190850 Pages: 485 Price: U.S. $ 33.70

Over the past decade, Cognitive Linguistics has grown to be one of the mostbroadly appealing and dynamic frameworks for the study of natural language.Essentially, this new school of linguistics focuses on the meaning side oflanguage: linguistic form is analysed as an expression of meaning. Andmeaning itself is not something that exists in isolation, but it isintegrated with the full spectrum of human experience: the fact that we areembodied beings just as much as the fact that we are cultural beings.

Cognitive Linguistics: Basic Readings brings together twelve foundationalarticles, each of which introduces one of the basic concepts of CognitiveLinguistics, such as conceptual metaphor, image schemas, mental spaces,construction grammar, prototypicality and radial sets. The collectionfeatures the founding fathers of Cognitive Linguistics: George Lakoff, RonLangacker, Len Talmy, Gilles Fauconnier, and Charles Fillmore, togetherwith some of the most influential younger scholars. By its choice ofseminal papers and leading authors, this book is specifically suited for anintroductory course in Cognitive Linguistics. This is further supported bya general introduction to the theory and, specifically, the practice ofCognitive Linguistics and by trajectories for further reading that startout from the individual chapters.


Introduction: A rough guide to Cognitive LinguisticsDirk Geeraerts

Chapter 1: Cognitive GrammarIntroduction to Concept, Image, and SymbolRonald W. Langacker

Chapter 2: Grammatical construalThe relation of grammar to cognitionLeonard Talmy

Chapter 3: Radial networkCognitive topology and lexical networksClaudia Brugman and George Lakoff

Chapter 4: Prototype theoryProspects and problems of prototype theoryDirk Geeraerts

Chapter 5: Schematic networkAmbiguity, polysemy, and vaguenessDavid Tuggy

Chapter 6: Conceptual metaphorThe contemporary theory of metaphorGeorge Lakoff

Chapter 7: Image schemaThe cognitive psychological reality of image schemas and their transformationsRaymond W. Gibbs, Jr. and Herbert L. Colston

Chapter 8: MetonymyThe role of domains in the interpretation of metaphors and metonymiesWilliam Croft

Chapter 9: Mental spacesConceptual integration networksGilles Fauconnier and Mark Turner

Chapter 10: Frame semanticsFrame semanticsCharles J. Fillmore

Chapter 11: Construction GrammarThe inherent semantics of argument structure: The case of the Englishditransitive constructionAdele E. Goldberg

Chapter 12: Usage-based linguisticsFirst steps toward a usage-based theory of language acquisitionMichael Tomasello

Epilogue: Trajectories for further readingDirk Geeraerts

ISBN 3-11-019085-0 PaperbackISBN-13: 978-3-11-019085-4 PaperbackISBN 3-11-019084-2 HardcoverISBN-13: 978-3-11-019084-7 Hardcover

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science
Subject Language(s): English (eng)
Written In: English (eng )

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