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Fri Apr 27 2007

All: Obituary: Karl V. Teeter

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Message 1: Obituary: Karl V. Teeter
Date: 23-Apr-2007
From: Philip LeSourd <>
Subject: Obituary: Karl V. Teeter

I am sad to report that Karl V. Teeter, Emeritus Professor of Linguistics atHarvard University, died on April 20 at his home in Cambridge,Massachusetts. He was born on March 2, 1929, and thus was 78 at the timeof his death. Karl was best known for the fieldwork that he conducted withtwo Algic languages on opposite sides of the North American continent:Wiyot in California and Maliseet in New Brunswick. In the case of Wiyot, heworked with the last speaker of the language, Della Prince. The results ofhis work on Wiyot were published in The Wiyot Language (University ofCalifornia Press Publications in Linguistics 37, 1964) and in his two-volumeWiyot Handbook (Algonquian and Iroquoian Linguistics Memoirs 10 and 11,1993). A volume of Maliseet texts that he recorded in 1963, Tales fromMaliseet Country: The Maliseet Texts of Karl V. Teeter (edited by PhilipLeSourd), has recently appeared from the University of Nebraska Press.

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