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Wed May 02 2007

FYI: New Series / Call for Book Proposals

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Message 1: New Series / Call for Book Proposals
Date: 02-May-2007
From: Anna Glazier <>
Subject: New Series / Call for Book Proposals

Edinburgh Textbooks on the English Language - Advanced

General Editor: Professor Heinz Giegerich (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Editorial Advisory BoardLaurie Bauer (University of Wellington)Derek Britton (University of Edinburgh)Olga Fischer (University of Amsterdam)Rochelle Lieber (University of New Hampshire)Norman Macleod (University of Edinburgh)Donka Minkova (UCLA)Edgar W. Schneider (University of Regensburg)Katie Wales (University of Leeds)Anthony Warner (University of York)

The aim of the Edinburgh Textbooks on the English Language series is thedetailed description and explanation of aspects of English. Initiallyrestricted to introductory-level volumes, the series has now been expandedto include advanced-level texts.

Introductory Volumes:The introductory volumes each cover the equivalent of an introductorycourse. Together, they cover all those aspects of the language that form asubstantial and identifiable part of introductory English Language courses.Published volumes cover topics such as English syntax (Jim Miller),phonology (April McMahon), semantics and pragmatics (Patrick Griffiths) andmorphology (Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy), Old English (Richard Hogg), MiddleEnglish (Simon Horobin & Jeremy Smith), Early Modern English (TerttuNevalainen), and international varieties of English (Laurie Bauer).

Advanced volumesThe advanced volumes in the series are not restricted to an entry-levelreadership. Therefore, any text on any aspect of the linguistics of Englishwould be eligible for the series. The only constraints on eligibility are(1) that all ETOTEL texts must seek to explain, to a student readership,significant (and, in curricular terms, relevant) ranges of phenomena ofEnglish; and (2) that they take due account of existing knowledge in thefield. Here are two possible examples (both currently under discussion):

-English Historical Syntax. This volume would presuppose a basic knowledgeof (English) syntax and of the history of English.

-Optimality Theory and the Phonology of English. Such a volume wouldpresuppose a working knowledge of the mainstream phonological phenomena ofEnglish, and of phonological terminology and notation. It would introduceand develop a version of Optimality Theory so as to present a coherentpicture of the phonology of English.

For more information on the series or to submit a book proposal, pleasecontact the Series Editor, Professor Heinz Giegerich(

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics