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Mon Sep 17 2007

Books: Syntax/Socioling/Ling Theories: van Dulm

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Directory         1.    rianne giethoorn, The Grammar of English-Afrikaans Code Switching: van Dulm

Message 1: The Grammar of English-Afrikaans Code Switching: van Dulm
Date: 17-Sep-2007
From: rianne giethoorn <>
Subject: The Grammar of English-Afrikaans Code Switching: van Dulm
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Title: The Grammar of English-Afrikaans Code Switching Subtitle: A feature checking account Series Title: LOT Disseration Series Published: 2007 Publisher: Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics / Landelijke - LOT

Author: Ondene van Dulm Paperback: ISBN: 9789078328308 Pages: 271 Price: Europe EURO 24.79

This dissertation focuses on structural aspects of code switching between SouthAfrican English and Afrikaans. Specifically, the main aim is to investigate themerit of an account of intrasentential code switching in terms of featurechecking theory, a theory associated with minimalist syntax. The hypothesisis that feature checking theory and its related principles and operationsprovide an adequate framework within which to characterise and explainstructural aspects of English-Afrikaans intrasentential code switching. Anumber of word order differences between English and Afrikaans, specificallyinvolving verb position, are analysed within the framework of featurechecking theory, where the movement of lexical items is proposed to be drivenby the need to check strong uninterpretable features associated with functionalheads. The constructions include constructions with adverbs, focalisation andtopicalisation constructions, embedded that and wh clauses, and yes-noquestions. On the basis of the feature checking analyses, predictions are maderegarding the well-formedness of constructions of these types in which codeswitching between English and Afrikaans occurs.

The predictions are tested on the basis of data elicited from 30 fluentEnglish-Afrikaans bilingual participants by means of (i) judgments of therelative wellformedness of visually-presented sentence pairs, (ii)judgments of the relative well-formedness of auditorily-presented utterancepairs, (iii) sentence construction, (iv) video clip description, and (v)magnitude estimation of the relative well-formedness of visually-presentedsentence sets. The results indicate support for some of the predictions,but uniform support for the hypothesis is not evident. Further linguisticfactors playing a role in participants' performance are discussed.

This dissertation is of interest to scholars in the field of bilingualism,particularly those interested in the application of syntactic theory tobilingual phenomena, and in experimental techniques tapping bilingualprocessing.

Linguistic Field(s): Linguistic Theories                             Sociolinguistics                             Syntax
Subject Language(s): Afrikaans (afr)                             English (eng)
Written In: English (eng )

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