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Wed Nov 14 2007

All: Wikipedia Update-Phonetics/Phonology; Upload Offer

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Directory         1.    Roxana Newman, Wikipedia Update-Phonetics/Phonology; Upload Offer

Message 1: Wikipedia Update-Phonetics/Phonology; Upload Offer
Date: 13-Nov-2007
From: Roxana Newman <>
Subject: Wikipedia Update-Phonetics/Phonology; Upload Offer
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Dear Subscribers and Readers,

This is our fifth appeal to all of you: please continue helping us update the linguistics articles in Wikipedia, "the encyclopedia that anyone can edit!" It was your collective enthusiasm last spring that launched us on the path to soliciting your help in improving existing linguistics articles in Wikipedia. Such efforts contribute substantively to our field, and help make it as coherent as possible to non-specialists. In past appeals to you, we identified a few "linguistic stub" articles by subfield, urging you to help complete them, add a few good references, or do some fine-tune editing. It has been suggested that some articles could even be merged with other related articles.

Since our last appeal, we have heard from a few of our readers and we would like to thank them very much for their responses:

--Michael Newman of Queens College, New York, has updated the article on New York dialects of English; -- Lukasz Mokrzycki of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland, volunteered to update phonetics and phonology stubs in English Wikipedia; --Milos Rancic, founder of the Serbian language Wikipedia, is organizing a group of students to work on sociolinguistics articles in that language version of Wikipedia.

Today, we want to appeal more broadly to our readers by specifically listing some 30 phonetics and phonology stub articles, appended below, that really need attention. We hope that you or your students might wish to edit some of these - as a class project? - and help reduce the backlog of articles identified as "stubs."

In future appeals, we will also be targeting morphology, syntax, semantics, historical linguistics, and pragmatics. You are all welcome to track the overall progress of our collective efforts at:

Today, we also call your attention to our standing offer: if you don't wish to edit directly in Wikipedia yourself, then just send your suggestions, edits, or articles to us here at LINGUIST, and we will upload them for you!

As always, the LINGUIST List is grateful for your participation in this effort, and look forward to hearing from you. Please contact the Wikipedia Update team at: Thank you.

PHONETICS & PHONOLOGY STUBS Absolute neutralisation (incomplete): Allophonic rule (incomplete, references missing): Antepenult/Penult (incomplete): Autosegmental phonology (incomplete, references missing): Centralization (in phonetics) (references missing): Chain shift (incomplete, references missing): Compensatory lengthening (references missing): Dependent vowel (missing) Electropalatograph (incomplete, references missing): Extrametricality (incomplete, references missing): Floating tone (incomplete, references missing): Government phonology (insufficient context, poor style, references missing): Inherent vowel (incomplete, references, examples missing): Intonational phrase (article missing) Mora-timed language (incomplete): Murmur (speech) (incomplete, references missing): Open syllable lengthening (incomplete?orphan article; references missing): Phonemic transcription (article missing) Phonological hierarchy (incomplete, references missing) Rhotacization (incomplete, references missing): Sonority hierarchy (incomplete, references missing): Stressed-/Syllable-timed language (incomplete, references missing): Syllable onset /syllable coda (incomplete, references missing): Tone contour (incomplete, references missing): Underlying representation (incomplete, references missing): Underspecification (incomplete, references missing): Vowel reduction (incomplete, references missing) Vowel triangle (incomplete, references missing):

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics Phonetics Phonology