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Mon Mar 26 2007

Confs: Morphology,Phonology,Semantics,Syntax/USA

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Directory         1.    Maziar Toosarvandani, 26th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics

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Message 1: 26th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics
Date: 22-Mar-2007
From: Maziar Toosarvandani <>
Subject: 26th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics

26th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics Short Title: WCCFL 26

Date: 27-Apr-2007 - 29-Apr-2007 Location: Berkeley, CA, USA Contact: Ange Strom-Weber Contact Email: Meeting URL:

Linguistic Field(s): Morphology; Phonology; Semantics; Syntax

Meeting Description:

West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics (WCCFL) 26

Note: Advance registration by mail ends 1 April 2007 ($35 students/$50 nonstudents)! For information and registration form see the conference website.

Friday, 27 April 2007

9:00 Registration and coffee (371 Dwinelle Hall)

Phonology 1 10:00 Brett Hyde (Washington University): Bidirectional stress systems

10:30 Daniel Karvonen (University of Minnesota): Explaining nonfinality: Evidence from Finnish

11:00 Matthew Gordon, Carmen Jany, Carlos Nash, and Nobutaka Takara (University of California, Santa Barbara): Vowel sonority and coda weight

11:30 Adam Baker (University of Arizona), Jeff Mielke (University of Ottawa), and Diana Archangeli (University of Arizona): More velar than /g/: Consonant coarticulation as a cause of diphthongization

Syntax 1

10:00 Melita Stavrou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and Arhonto Terzi (Technological Educational Institue of Patras): Types of numerical nouns

10:30 Stephen Wechsler (University of Texas): A diachronic account of English deverbal nominals

11:00 Alexander Williams (University of Maryland): Word order in resultatives

11:30 Jaume Mateu (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona): Manner conflation in causative constructions: A lexical-syntactic account

12:00 Lunch

Semantics 1 1:30 Yael Sharvit and Jon Gajewski (University of Connecticut): On the calculation of implicatures

2:00 Daniel Büring (University of California, Los Angeles): The least 'at least' can do

2:30 William McClure (Queens College/CUNY Graduate Center): Morpho-semantics of the progressive

Syntax 2 1:30 Fabian Heck, Gereon Müller, and Jochen Trommer (Universität Leipzig): A phase-based approach to Scandinavian definiteness marking

2:00 Heejeong Ko (Seoul National University): Object scrambling on the Edge: Evidence for VP as a spell-out domain

2:30 Barbara Citko (University of Washington): Missing: Labels in Minimalism

3:00 Break

Semantics 2 3:15 Dennis Ryan Storoshenko (Simon Fraser University): A bound-variable account of the Korean reflexive 'caki'

3:45 Luis Alonso-Ovalle (University of Massachusetts, Boston): Counterfactuals, correlatives, and disjunctive antecedents

4:15 Benjamin Bruening (University of Delaware): Let's get us a new theory: An SE anaphor in English

Syntax 3 3:15 Hironobu Kasai (Harvard University): Linearizing rightward movement

3:45 Sjef Barbiers, Marika Lekakou, and Olaf Koeneman (Meertens Institute): Syntactic doubling and the structure of chains

4:15 Theresa Biberauer (Cambridge University), Anders Holmberg (Newcastle University), and Ian Roberts (Cambridge University): Structure and linearization in disharmonic word orders

4:45 Break

5:00 Invited Speaker: Lyn Frazier (University of Massachusetts, Amherst): On ellipsis: A processing solution to the undergeneration problem

Saturday, 28 April 2007

8:00 Registration and coffee (371 Dwinelle Hall)

Syntax 4 9:00 Juhyeon Hwang (University of Illinios, Urbana-Champaign): Intervention effects as NPI licensing intervention

9:30 Ezra Keshet (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): Telescoping and scope economy

10:00 Asaf Bachrach and Roni Katzir (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): Antecedent Contained Deletion without QR

10:30 Martin Hackl (Pomona College): Processing evidence for QR: The case of Antecedent Contained Ellipsis

Syntax 5 9:00 Omer Preminger (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): Perfect domains

9:30 Shin Fukuda (University of California, San Diego): Two syntactic positions for English aspectual verbs

10:00 Artemis Alexiadou (University of Stuttgart) and Elena Anagnostopoulou (Massachusetts Institute of Technology/University of Crete): Structuring participles

10:30 Jason Kandybowicz (Swarthmore College): Edge features and perfect extraction

11:00 Break

11:15 Invited Speaker: Manfred Krifka (Humboldt University Berlin): Title TBA

12:15 Lunch

Phonology 2 2:00 Jonathan Howell (Cornell University): Second occurrence focus and the acoustics of prominence

2:30 Arto Antilla (Stanford University): Phonological constraints on constituent ordering

3:00 David Teeple (University of California, Santa Cruz): Prosody can outrank syntax

3:30 Iris Berent (Florida Atlantic University), Donca Steriade (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Tracy Lennertz (Florida Atlantic University): Speakers' sensitivity to the markedness of unattested onsets

Syntax 6 2:00 Gerardo Fernández-Salguiero (University of Michigan): On the structure of TP coordination: Deducing the CSC and further unifying ATB and PG constructions

2:30 Abby Kaplan (University of California, Santa Cruz): The proper role of movement and ellipsis in discontinuous coordination

3:00 Shoichi Takahashi (University of Massachusetts, Amherst/Tokyo University): Variable binding in temporal adverbial clauses: Evidence from ellipsis

3:30 Jereon van Craenenbroeck (CRISSP/Brussels) and Anikó Lipták (LUCL/Leiden University): On the interaction between verb movement and ellipsis: New evidence from Hungarian

4:00 Break

Morphology 4:15 Vera Gribanova (University of California, Santa Cruz): Russian prefixes, prepositions and palatalization in Stratal OT

4:45 Tobin Skinner (McGill University): Morphological optionality in reduplication: A Lowering account

5:15 Alan Yu (University of Chicago): A general theory of infixation

5:45 Max Bane (University of Chicago): Quantifying and measuring morphological complexity

Syntax 7 4:15 Jessica Clapp (University of Chicago): Right Node Raising: Evidence from 'rule interaction'

4:45 Remus Gergel (Universität Tübingen): How comparatives invert

5:15 Ken Hiraiwa (JSPS/University of Tokyo) and Adams Bodomo (Hong Kong University/Stanford University): Object-sharing as symmetric sharing: Evidence from serial verb constructions and predicate clefting

5:45 Àngel Gallego (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona): Residual object shift in Romance

6:15 Cocktails

7:00 Dinner and party

Sunday, 29 April 2007

9:00-10:00 Registration and coffee (371 Dwinelle Hall)

Phonology 3 10:00 Fidele Mpiranya (University of Chicago): On selective harmony systems in Bantu and the Kikongo solution

10:30 Michal Martinez (University of Southern California): When exceptions are encoded at the segmental level

11:00 Elliot Moreton (University of North Caroline, Chapel Hill): Learning bias as a factor in phonological typology

11:30 Ann Delforge (University of California, Davis): Gestural alignment constraints and vowel devoicing in Andean Spanish

Syntax 8 10:00 Ji-yung Kim (Korea University) and Chungmin Lee (Seoul National University): Why multiple clefts are disallowed

10:30 Cherlon Ussery (University of Massachusetts, Amherst): What it means to Agree: The behavior of case and phi features in Icelandic control

11:00 Veronica Gerassimova and Peter Sells (Stanford University): Long-distance dependencies in Tagalog: The case for raising

11:30 Josef Bayer and Ellen Brandner (Universität Konstanz): On wh-head-movement and the Doubly Filled Comp Filter

12:00 Lunch

1:30 Invited Speaker: Adam Albright (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): Title TBA

2:30 Break

Semantics 3 2:45 Alda Mari (CNRS, Institut Jean Nicod): Analycity and 'in virtue of' generalizations in French

3:15 Nicholas Fleisher (University of California, Berkeley): A crack at a hard nut: Attributive-adjective modality and infinitival relatives

3:45 Laia Mayol (University of Pennsylvania): Exclamatives and Catalan 'Déu n'hi do'

4:15 Simona Herdan (University of Connecticut): A superlative theory of amount relatives

Syntax 9 2:45 Arhonto Terzi (Technological Educational Institute of Patras): Locative prepositions as modifiers of an unpronounced noun

3:15 Karsten Koch (University of British Columbia): Focus projection in Nlhe7kepmxcin (Thompson River Salish)

3:45 Effi Georgala (Cornell University), Waltraud Paul (CRLAO EHESS), and John Whitman (Cornell University): Expletive and thematic applicatives

4:15 Dalina Kalluli (University of Munich/University of Vienna): There is secondary predication in there-existentials

Room numbers will be announced at the conference.