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Thu Mar 29 2007

All: Obituary: Sebastian Shaumyan (1916-2007)

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Message 1: Obituary: Sebastian Shaumyan (1916-2007)
Date: 28-Mar-2007
From: Stephen Anderson <>
Subject: Obituary: Sebastian Shaumyan (1916-2007)

This note was provided by Prof. Stanley Insler of Yale University, andlightly edited by Prof. Stephen Anderson, who assumes responsibility forany errors that may have been introduced.=============================

Sebastian Konstantinovich Shaumyan, Professor Emeritus of Linguistics atYale University, died in London on January 21, 2007 at the age of 90. Bornin Tbilisi on February 27, 1916, Shaumyan first studied philology inTbilisi and then linguistics in Moscow, where he became a strong advocateof the structural linguistics initiated by de Saussure and developed by thePrague School. His research in this area culminated in 1965 with thepublication of ''Structural Linguistics.'' In the same year he founded theSection of Structural Linguistics at the Institute of Russian Language inMoscow.

In 1975 Professor Shaumyan joined the Yale Linguistics Department, where hedeveloped a linguistic approach called applicational grammar. He expandedthis linguistic view in ''Applicational Grammar as a Semiotic Theory ofNatural Language'' (1975) and in ''A Semiotic Theory of Language'' (1987).Although required to retire in 1986, Professor Shaumyan remained active inthe field. His final book, ''Signs, Mind and Reality,'' was published in 2006.

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