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Thu May 29 2008

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        1.    Jackie Beilhart, Sustaining Linguistic Diversity: King, Schilling-Estes, Fogle, Lou, Soukup (Eds)

Message 1: Sustaining Linguistic Diversity: King, Schilling-Estes, Fogle, Lou, Soukup (Eds)
Date: 29-May-2008
From: Jackie Beilhart <>
Subject: Sustaining Linguistic Diversity: King, Schilling-Estes, Fogle, Lou, Soukup (Eds)
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Title: Sustaining Linguistic Diversity Subtitle: Endangered and Minority Languages and Language Varieties Published: 2008 Publisher: Georgetown University Press

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Editor: Kendall A. King Editor: Natalie Schilling-Estes Editor: Lyn Fogle Editor: Jia Jackie Lou Editor: Barbara Soukup Paperback: ISBN: 1589011929 9781589011922 Pages: 224 Price: U.S. $ 44.95

In the last three decades the field of endangered and minority languageshas evolved rapidly, moving from the initial dire warnings of linguists toa swift increase in the number of organizations, funding programs, andcommunity-based efforts dedicated to documentation, maintenance, andrevitalization. Sustaining Linguistic Diversity brings together leadingresearchers and practitioners to provide the most recent and innovativetheoretical and empirical work in defining, documenting, and developing theworld's smaller languages and language varieties.

The book begins by reconsidering the very definitions of 'endangered' and'minority' by asking who makes such classifications, and what is at stakein linguistic, political, and ideological terms. The contributors thenturn to the documentation and description of endangered languages and focuson best practices, methods and goals in documentation, and on current fieldreports from around the globe. The latter part of the analysis examinescontemporary practices in developing endangered languages and dialects, aswell as particular language revitalization efforts and outcomes.Concluding with critical calls to consider the human lives at stake,Sustaining Linguistic Diversity reminds scholars, researchers,practitioners, and educators that linguistic diversity can only besustained in a world where diversity in all its forms is valued.

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics                             Discipline of Linguistics
Written In: English (eng )

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