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Sun Jan 20 2008

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        1.    Phillip Tipton, 3rd Northern Englishes Workshop

Message 1: 3rd Northern Englishes Workshop
Date: 19-Jan-2008
From: Phillip Tipton <>
Subject: 3rd Northern Englishes Workshop E-mail this message to a friend

3rd Northern Englishes Workshop Short Title: NEW 3

Date: 27-Mar-2008 - 28-Mar-2008 Location: Salford, United Kingdom Contact: Phillip Tipton Contact Email: Meeting URL:

Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics; Phonology; Sociolinguistics; Syntax

Subject Language(s): English (eng)

Meeting Description:

The 3rd Northern Englishes Workshop aims to bring together researchers who are working varieties of English spoken in the north of the British Isles. The north of England, Scotland and Ireland are included within the remit of NEW and papers are welcomed from all areas of linguistics and from all theoretical perspectives. An integral part of NEW is the involvement of postgraduate students: NEW 3 will host a number of workshop session aimed specifically at interested postgraduates.

The programme for the 3rd Northern Englishes Workshop is now available below. Registration is also open and the form can be found through the following link -

Thursday 27th March 2008

0945-1000 Welcome and Introduction John Keiger, Diane Blakemore and Phillip Tipton (University of Salford)

1000-1100 [Plenary Lecture] Social class and the performance of 'being Northern' in narratives of identity and belonging Gaynor Bagnall (University of Salford)

1100-1115 Coffee

1115-1145 ''Shee is Northern, and speakes so'': Two Representations of Northern Dialect in 17th Century Drama Lauren Stewart (University of Edinburgh)

1145-1215 Northern English transported: The nineteenth-century goldrushes and the formation of a diaspora Katie Wales (University of Sheffield)

1215-1315 Lunch

Special Session: Northern Englishes and (Socio)Linguistic Theory

1315-1415 Do we still need dialectology? Joan Beal (University of Sheffield)

1415-1515 Theoretical approaches to syntactic variation in the speech community Graeme Trousdale (University of Edinburgh)

1515-1530 Tea

1530-1630 Why Language Variation and Change needs phonological theory Patrick Honeybone (University of Edinburgh)

1630-1730 Sociophonetics: more than the sum of its parts? Kevin Watson (Lancaster University)

1730-1800 How to get published in a linguistics journal Diane Blakemore (University of Salford)

2000 onwards Workshop Dinner Manchester city centre

Friday 28th March 2008

0900-1000 Discussion of yesterday's special session Phillip Tipton et al.

1000-1100 [Plenary Lecture] In search of regions Mike Coombes (Newcastle University)

1100-1130 Coffee

1130-1200 A corpus analysis of the have to construction in Lancashire dialect: movement towards a more grammaticalized function. Claire Dembry (Lancaster University)

1200-1230 Exploring Syntactic Variability in Tyne and Wear Isabelle Buchstaller and Karen Corrigan (Newcastle University)

1230-1300 Syntactic Variation and Change in Shetland Dialect Dianne Jonas (Yale University)

1300-1400 Lunch

1400-1430 'That's just stupid, that': pronoun copying in Teesside Julia Snell (University of Leeds)

1430-1500 Through the 'standard' lens darkly Judith Broadbent (Roehampton University)

1500-1530 The resilience of some Middle English features in 20th century Northern English: evidence from LALME and the SED Julia Fernández Cuesta (Universidad de Sevilla) Nieves Rodríguez Ledesma (Universidad de Sevilla)

1530-1600 Tea

1600-1630 Can a linguistic variable travel? The NURSE~SQUARE merger and the Leeds-Liverpool canal. Phillip Tipton (University of Salford)

1630-1700 The relevance of Northern dialects in the history of English Cristina Suárez Gómez (University of the Balearic Islands)

1700-1715 Closing remarks