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Sum: IPA Fonts for the Mac

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  • "Dr. Word", Something I pulled off the net about IPA fonts

    Message 1: Something I pulled off the net about IPA fonts

    Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1991 11:39 EST
    From: "Dr. Word" <>
    Subject: Something I pulled off the net about IPA fonts
    Some of this is repetitive with what's been posted previously, but it seems pretty complete and does include some things I haven't seen posted here. Susan Fischer <<< RITVAX::CLUS_MISC1:[NOTES$LIBRARY]COMM_RESEARCH.NOTE;2 >>> -< Communication Research >- ============================================================================== Note 3.6 New technologies 6 of 6 RITVAX::EWCNCP "Bill Clymer" 404 lines 13-NOV-1991 09:43 -< IPA Fonts for Mac >- Date: Tue, 29 Oct 91 23:14:10 -0500 From: Subject: IPA fonts Two years ago I researched the availability of IPA fonts for the Macintosh, and I found lots of information on AppleLink. The following, although not up to date, should provide good pointers for more research. I suppose that this information should probably be archived as a report, due to length, but I'll leave that for the moderators to decide! --Susan Hay, Mac Consultant/Analyst, Brown University AVAILABILITY OF IPA FONTS FOR THE MACINTOSH ==================================================== Ecological Linguistics Fonts Complex alphabets of Asia and Eastern Europe 512KE or larger Macintosh. To order, a user must return a license agreement and order form. These are contained in a catalog that has samples of typefaces and detailed information about other services. Services provided include: Alphabetical Sorting and Indexing, Automated Transliteration and Custom Modification of Applications for these purposes. Bilingual Dictionary Databases are in development. LaserFonts include: EuropeanTimes, VietnamTimes, MideastTimes, IndicTimes, GreekTimes (includes ancient and modern Greek and Balkan Roman alphabets), IPATimes, Cyrillic, Thai, Khmer, Arabic, Mideast Times, Cuneiform Times, Ugaritic Times, Amharic Times, Tamil Times, Malayalam times, Mongolian Times and others. Also, for Chess, the Pillsbury LaserFont for mixing chess diagrams, pla listings and multilingual text. Bit-map fonts include: European, Right-to-Left Scripts, Vertically written alphabets, Tibetan, North India, South India, Southeast Asia, Syllabaries, Japanese and Chinese Characters, Mayan Hieroglyphs, Egyptian Hieroglyphs and Sign Language Writing. $35 to $50 direct; bit-map base systems $45 direct; Apple Script-Manager systems for Arabic, Hebrew, Greek Turkish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese $45 to $80 direct; laser PostScript systems For catalog, license agreement and order forms send long SASE (85 cents) and $2 to: Ecological Linguistics; PO Box 15156; Washington, DC 20003; 202-546-5862 ==================================================== Foreign Fonts Edition 22 foreign fonts Any Macintosh; ImageWriter. Foreign Fonts Edition is a collection of 22 bit-map fonts. Most of the fonts have functional single-stroke accenting keys for use with special accents, diacriticals, aspiration signs and vowel symbols. Fonts include: Tanis, Arpad, Persepolis, Mycenae, Sparta, Delphi, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Riyadh, Yerevan, Vladivostok, Prague, Budapest, Dusseldorf, Limerick, Trizekh, Lunaria, IPA, Seoul, Bangkok, Luang Phrabang and Rivendell. $69.50 retail Devonian International Software Co.; PO Box 2351; Montclair, CA 91763; 714-621-0973 ==================================================== FOREIGN FONTS EDITION ISPN: 24987-285 VENDOR: DEVONIAN INT'L. SOFTWARE CO. (USA) P.O. BOX 2351 MONTCLAIR, CA 91763 (714)621-0973 Limited Warranty (REPLACEMENT IF PROBLEMS) , Updates Available ( 5.00), Backups Available. DESCRIPTION: A collection of 22 fonts that include numerical systems and alphabet of many foreign languages. These fonts range from ancient to modern, From Western to Eastern, and from national to International. The archaic includes: Tanis-Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Arpad-ancient Aramaic, a forerunner of modern Hebrew, Persepolis-old Persian cuneiform, and Mycenae-Minoan Cretan Linear B syllabary, thought to be a forerunner of early Greek writings. Two forms of Greek text fonts are included, each with accents and aspirations: Sparta-a bold, heavy faced Greek font, and Delphi-a lighter faced Greek font. Also, two different versions of Hebrew fonts are included: Tel Aviv-classic text font, and Haifa-modern cursive Hebrew font. An Arabic font Riyadh is included complete with variant forms based on letter position in a word. Yerevan font is designed to be a useful Armenian text. Vladivostok font offers a very complete version of the Cyrillic alphabet, including letters from obsolete Russian, as well as Byelorussian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Bulgarian and other related languages. Prague (with emphasis on East European Slavic languages using a Latin alphabet: Polish, Czech, Slovene, Slovak) and Budapest (with its coverage of Hungarian, Turkish and Finnish) round out the Eastern European languages. Dusseldorf (a font for German text), Limerick (a font for Old Irish Gaelic) and Trizekh (for Esperanto and Devonian writings) allow one to compose in these variant forms of the Latin alphabet. Lunaria font was designed as a universal font to allow almost all types of accents known in Latin-based alphabets. IPA is based directly on the characters devised by the International Phonetics Association. The Asian continent is represented as well with fonts designed for several of these languages: Seoul(Korean), Bangkok (Thai), and Luang Phrabang (Laotian). As an added bonus, the disk contains Rivendell, a font for Tolkien Tengwar and Angertha runes. ==================================================== Foreign-Language Fonts ImageWriter and LaserWriter fonts for 150 languages Any Macintosh; ImageWriter or LaserWriter. Foreign-Language Fonts consist of: MacHebrew; MacGreek, Hebrew & Phonetics; MacGreek; SuperFrench German Spanish; LaserCyrillic; LaserTransliterator; LaserFrench German Spanish; LaserHebrew; MacChinese (Mandarin or Cantonese); LaserIPA Plus; MacThai; LaserThai; MacHindi Sanskrit; MacAkkadian; MacHieroglyphics; MacSemitic Coptic Devanagari; MacKorean; MacKana & Basic Japanese Kanji; MacPhonetics; MacArabic & Farsi 2.0; MacKanji 2.0; MacCyrillic; LaserGreek; TLG>MacGreek Converter & Text Editor; MacGreek New Testament; MacGreek Old Testament; MacHebrew Scriptures; MacHebrew Scriptures Converter; MacGeorgian; MacArmenian; MacPunjabi; MacTamil; MacCherokee; LaserKorean; LaserTibetan; MacGujarati; MacGaelic; and Laser Vietnamese. $49.95 to $149.95 retail Linguist's Software; PO Box 580; Edmonds, WA 98020; 206-775-1130 ==================================================== INTERNATIONAL FONTS ISPN: 95403-300 VENDOR: PAUL RAPOPORT (CANADA) 7 CRADOCK CT. ANCASTER, ONTARIO L9G 3Z5 (416)648-2181 Limited Warranty (30 DAY REPLACEMENT OF DEFECTIVE DISK OR SOFTWARE) , Updates Available ( 5.00). DESCRIPTION: Contains four ImageWriter I and II international fonts that include Roman, Greek, Cyrillic and Phonetic in 12 and 24 point size. International Roman handles the following languages, among others: English, Dutch, Frisian, Afrikaans, German, Danish, Norwegian(both Dano-Norwegian and New-Norwegian), Swedish, Icelandic, Faroese, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Slovene, Serbo-Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Albanian, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Maltese, Turkish, Basque, and Vietnamese. A partial list of languages which may be typed in Roman transliterations from their non-Roman scripts includes Greek, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Ukrainian, Macedonian, Old Church Slavonic, Sanskrit, Persian, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Tamil, and Malayalam. International Greek handles ancient and modern and Greek. Any combination of breathings and accents may be placed anywhere, including above capitals. Makrons and the short-vowel marker are also available. International Cyrillic supports Russian (including pre-revolutionary), Byelorussian, Ukrainian, Serbo-Croatian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Kashmir, Kirghiz, Mongolian, Kurdish, and several others. International Phonetic, based on the International Phonetic Alphabet, is self-explanatory for anyone involved in phonology. There are many unusual characters and diacritical signs in this font. The fonts are available in 12 and 24 point size for any Macintosh with any word processor and the ImageWriter I or II. Three of the fonts use proportional spacing and the Phonetic is mono-spaced. ==================================================== LASER PERFECT PHONETIQUE (VER. 1.0) ISPN: 56537-300 VENDOR: NEOSCRIBE INTERNATIONAL, INC. (USA) P.O. BOX 410 CLINTON, NY 13323 (315)853-4427 Limited Warranty. DESCRIPTION: Provides a downloadable PostScript laser font, containing International Phonetic Association (IPA) symbols. ==================================================== Lasergenix LaserWriter fonts 512K or larger Macintosh; ImageWriter, LaserWriter or LaserWriter Plus. Lasergenix: Fractional is a collection of fonts designed for use when printing both types of fractions: horizontal (dash) and diagonal (slash). Each font is sans serif and is matched (can be used in the same style work). Lasergenix: Fontana is a sans serif boldface font designed for use in graphics and headline purposes, such as advertising, display, titles and other functions. It may be downloaded via a special utility that is included. Lasergenix: Riverside is a sans serif font available in three versions: standard, bold/extended and italic. This font has many uses for text purposes and may be downloaded via a special utility that is included. Lasergenix: Sverdlovsk is a serif font and is an extended version of Russian Cyrillic. Extended means the font includes letters that are used in other Cyrillic alphabet languages, as well as the characters derived from Cyrillic that were modified and used for languages in the Soviet Union. With thisfont, user may write in Russian, Old Russian, Serbian, Ukranian, Byelorussian, Macedonian and a number of Turkic and Asiastic languages using a modified Cyrillic alphabet. Lasergenix: IPA is a serif font designed to be blended with Times Roman and use with the character and symbol set of the International Phonetics Association. Lasergenix: Newport News is a serif text font designed for text and headlines with emphasis in advertising. It has superior numerals, common fractions,boxes, bullets and borders. $39.50 each retail; Lasergenix: Fractional, Fontana, Riverside, Sverdlovsk, IPA or Newport News Devonian International Software Co.; PO Box 2351; Montclair, CA 91763; 714-621-0973 ==================================================== LASERGENIX-IPA (VER. 1.0) ISPN: 24987-290 VENDOR: DEVONIAN INT'L. SOFTWARE CO. (USA) P.O. BOX 2351 MONTCLAIR, CA 91763 (714)621-0973 Limited Warranty. DESCRIPTION: Provides a downloadable PostScript compatible IPA Serif font. Contains the sixth in LASERgenix series of postscript fonts for use in high quality printing. This font was designed for use with International Phonetics Association (IPA) symbology, a downloading utility and BitMap font are included. ==================================================== LASERIPA (VER. 2.3) ISPN: 44825-055 VENDOR: LINGUIST'S SOFTWARE, INC. (USA) P.O. BOX 580 EDMONDS, WA 980200580 (206)775-1130 Limited Warranty, Updates Available ( 10.00). DESCRIPTION: Contains IPATimes and LaserIPAplus, two International Phonetic Alphabet PostScript fonts with corresponding bit map fonts. Contains all of the International Phonetic Alphabet symbols and all of the IPA diacritical marks with automatic, non-deleting backspacing for overstriking any symbol and any combination of overstrikes. Times is the a-z font, authorized by Adobe and LaserIPAplus is a non-serifed Helvetica style font. Comes with LaserWriter driver, LaserPrep software, user's manual and keyboard layout charts. Prints all sizes from 4-point to 127-point. Not copy protected. ==================================================== LaserPerfect Fonts Downloadable PostScript fonts and custom typography Any Macintosh; LaserWriter or other PostScript printer. LaserPerfect Fonts are downloadable PostScript fonts that include foreign fonts classic book typefaces and specialty character sets. Fonts include: Ambo (Bembo), Athina, Benares, Garajon, Hebrew, MacSlab, Norfolk, OCR-A, Phonetic, Digital, Antique, Neuland, Kangaroo, Tschichold, Fractions, Athletic, Railway (Gill Sans), Cyrillic, Oldstyle, Macangelo, Barcode, Beaton and Latvian. LaserPerfect Fonts also includes LaserStatus desk accessory, a downloading utility for the LaserWriter. All fonts are downloadable to the hard disk on Linotronic or Varityper typesetters. $79 to $149 retail NeoScribe International; PO Box 120478; East Haven, CT 06512; 203-467-9880 ==================================================== MAC THE LINGUIST 2-PHONETIC FONTS FOR THE MAC ISPN: 48961-100 VENDOR: MEGATHERIUM ENTERPRISES (USA) P.O. BOX 7000-417 REDONDO BEACH, CA 90277 (213)545-5913 Limited Warranty, Updates Available ( 20.00), Backups Available. DESCRIPTION: Set of fonts designed for use by linguists and others who make use of phonetic transcription systems. The new fonts Linguist G and Linguist NY are modeled on the Geneva and New York fonts and include 218 printing symbols (120 not found in any standard Macintosh fonts) in 9, 10, 12, 18, 20 and 24 points sizes. The new symbols include the most frequently used symbols from the I.P.A. and other transcription systems, along with orthographic symbols not contained in the original fonts. Fonts can be co-resident with Geneva and New York, so symbols from standard and MAC THE LINGUIST fonts can be mixed in documents. MAC THE LINGUIST can be used with MacWrite, MacPaint and other Macintosh applications and supports Italic, Superscript and other'style' enhancements. Documentation includes installation instruction, Key Cap charts (showing all keyboard locations, including 'dead key' symbols), Index (showing how to type each symbol, typical articulatory description, example of use, and ASCII code).Hints for learning and using fonts easily and effectively and information for using with Laserfonts. ==================================================== MacPhonetics Transliteration software, IPA, SIL and 80 languages Any Macintosh. MacPhonetics contains seven fonts in many sizes: the complete IPA in three styles (International Phonetic Alphabet, including all of its diacritical marks), SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics symbol set), Semitica and Roman with 80 languages in one font. Overstrike keys with automatic non-deleting backspacing allow insertion of accents, umlauts and a wide variety of other diacritical marks. All of these can be joined with any letter, lower or uppercase. A mini space bar that advances the insertion point a single pixel facilitates fine tuning of diacritical marks The program provides high-quality printing of the transliteration symbols of Hebrew, Arabic, Coptic, Greek (SBL system, etc.) and most other languages, including the complete character sets of 80 other languages. $79.95 retail Linguist's Software; PO Box 580; Edmonds, WA 98020; 206-775-1130 ==================================================== MACPHONETICS (VER. 2.7) ISPN: 44825-515 VENDOR: LINGUIST'S SOFTWARE, INC. (USA) P.O. BOX 580 EDMONDS, WA 980200580 (206)775-1130 Limited Warranty (DEFECTIVE DISKS REPLACED AT NO CHARGE) , Updates Available ( 15.00), Backups Available ( 5.00), Part of an Integrated Package: MACGREEK, HEBREW AND PHONETICS (VER. 6.1) (44825-590). DESCRIPTION: International Phonetic Alphabet with diacritics, pronunciation symbols, accent and stress signs, SIL and MacTransliterator. Overstrike keys with automatic non-deleting backspacing allow fast insertion of accents, umlauts, and a wide variety of other diacritical marks such as 37 in IPA, 53 in SIL, 49 in Semitica and 50 in Roman-MacTransliterator. All of these can be joined with any letter, lower or upper case. A mini space bar, which advances the insertion point a single pixel, facilitates fine-tuning of diacritical marks. Has a vertical bar for continuous vertical columns, any number of lines in length. High quality printing. The IPA font is selected directly from the font menu of MacWrite (ISPN 12784-530) or MicroSoft Word (ISPN 53150-731) for automatic footnoting. Instantly transforms the keyboard to and from the IPA, SIL and Roman. Style variations include bold, italic, underline, outline, shadow, superscript and subscript. Provides 10, 12, 20, and 24 point font with high-quality printing of the transliteration symbols of Hebrew, Arabic, Coptic, Greek (SBL system), and most other languages. Includes the complete character sets of 75 languages which include Albanian, Anglo-Saxon, Basque, French, Catalonian, Croation, Czech (Bohemian), Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Esthonian, Finnish, German, Hawaiian, Hungarian, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Samoan, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish, Welsh, and Wendish. The American Indian languages include Chippewa (Ojibway and Otchipwe), Choctaw, Cree, Dakota (Sioux), Eskimo, Hupa, Iroquoian, Kalispel, Kwakiutl, Muskokee (Creek), Navaho, Osage, Tsimshian, and Zuni. The African languages include Acholi, Afrikaans, Bantu (Zulu and Xosa), Bobangi, Buluba-Lulua, Chikaranga, Fulani-Adamawa, Ga, Kanuri, Kongo, Lu-Ganda, Masai, Mashona (Chiswina), Mole, Namaquah-Hottentot, Nyika, Shuna, Swahili, Tebele, Temne, Umbundu, Wolof, Yao, Yoruba, and Zulu-Kafir. SIL stands for Summer Institute of Linguistics. Not copy-protected.