LINGUIST List 2.819

Sat 23 Nov 1991

FYI: Phonetics for the Mac, Old Journals

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  • Peter Ladefoged, Re: 2.796 Queries: Phonetics for the Mac
  • "Fredrick J. Damerau", Re.: Old Journals

    Message 1: Re: 2.796 Queries: Phonetics for the Mac

    Date: Thu, 21 Nov 91 09:15 PST
    From: Peter Ladefoged <IDU0PNLMVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU>
    Subject: Re: 2.796 Queries: Phonetics for the Mac
    With regard to programs that might help in teaching linguistics, the following phonetics-related programs for Macintosh computers (minimum 1 megabyte of RAM required) are available from the UCLA Phonetics Laboratory. Write to me (Peter Ladefoged, idu0pnluclamvs.bitnet) for further information Sounds of the World's Languages database of digitized sounds found in the world's languages produced by native speakers; illustrates less familiar sounds (Hypercard 1.2 or higher; about 25 meg. Hard disk required) Acoustic phonetics Hypercard tutorial on some basic concepts of acoustic phonetics. PlotFormants plots formant frequencies in Mel,Bark or linear scales, with axes as in A Course in Phonetics. draws ellipses around collections of points showing the Standard Deviation UCLA/Uppsala version of SoundWave Reads MacRecorder (SoundEdit) files Shows pitch curves, also LPC and FFT analyses giving values of formants A basic, nothing fancy, analysis system Vocal 2.1 allows the user to create vocal tract shapes and assesses the acoustic results of different articulatory configurations. Somewhat dated Draw vocal tracts A utility program making it easy to draw phonetic diagrams. IPAMacintalk text to speech program using IPA transcription based on the public domain program 'HyperMacintalk' (Hypercard) MacSynth an old formant synthesizer demonstration program Not compatible with the SE/30 or MacII series IPASounds digitized recordings of John Wells and Susan Ramsaran linked to the IPA symbols; When used with MacRecorder lets the user practice the sounds as well as learn the symbols See SPECIAL NOTE regarding payment for this program All the above are available from: Phonetics Lab Department of Linguistics UCLA Los Angeles, CA 90024-1543 Prices Effective September 1, 1991 (subject to change without notice) Make checks payable to: Regents, University of California (Sorry, but we have to cover our costs) A: ___ All UCLA software (B & C) $65.00 B: ___ Sound's of the World's Languages $50.00 C: ___ Individual programs $5.00/disk SPECIAL NOTE The program IPASounds is free to IPA members. Others must pay $20 For this one program a separate check is required payable to the IPA (not to UCLA)

    Message 2: Re.: Old Journals

    Date: Thu, 21 Nov 91 08:19:56 EST
    From: "Fredrick J. Damerau" <>
    Subject: Re.: Old Journals
    I must say I am surprised at the response to my posting offering back issues of Language. I have even had offers of purchase. In the interest of scholarship, I will send them to some academic institution, since there appears to be enough interest. I will be away next week, and will make some decision the following week. Thanks to all who replied. If any others of you want to clean your shelves, there appears to be a substantial need in other countries. It remains to be seen whether the cost of sending material like this out of the country is within reason. Fred J. Damerau