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Wed Jun 24 2009

Qs: BibTeX for Linguistics Unified Style Sheet?

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        1.    Stephen Anderson, BibTeX for Linguistics Unified Style Sheet?

Message 1: BibTeX for Linguistics Unified Style Sheet?
Date: 24-Jun-2009
From: Stephen Anderson <>
Subject: BibTeX for Linguistics Unified Style Sheet?
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The editors of a number of journals in Linguistics, including Language,have developed a Unified Style Sheet for publications in our field (see Use of this style isencouraged, and if it is widely adopted, that could considerably facilitatethe preparation of manuscripts. In support of that, it would be useful tohave software support for it in popular document preparation systems. Theone I care about is LaTeX(/BibTeX), and before I try to re-invent the wheel(also remembering how much fun it is to make sense of the weird syntax of.bst files), I wonder if someone has already produced a BibTeX style fileimplementing this style.

If something useful turns up, I will post a summary to LinguistList, and ifpossible make the .bst file available through my own web site. If I learnthat there exists similar support for other systems, I'll try to see if allsuch files could be made available through the LL Computer tools pageand/or the LSA Web page.


Steve Anderson

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