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Thu Jul 02 2009

TOC: Applied Psycholinguistics 30/3 (2009)

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        1.    Daniel Davies, Applied Psycholinguistics Vol 30, No 3 (2009)

Message 1: Applied Psycholinguistics Vol 30, No 3 (2009)
Date: 11-Jun-2009
From: Daniel Davies <>
Subject: Applied Psycholinguistics Vol 30, No 3 (2009)
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Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Journal Title: Applied Psycholinguistics Volume Number: 30 Issue Number: 3 Issue Date: 2009

Main Text:

APS volume 30 issue 3 Cover and Front matter

APS volume 30 issue 3 Cover and Back matter


An acoustic analysis of prosody in high-functioning autismJoshua J. Diehl, Duane Watson, Loisa Bennetto, Joyce McDonough, Christine Gunlogson

Early metalinguistic awareness of derivational morphology: Observations from acomparison of English and FrenchLynne Duncan, Séverine Casalis, Pascale Colé

The orthographic consistency effect in the recognition of French spoken words:An early developmental shift from sublexical to lexical orthographic activationChotiga Pattamadilok, José Morais, Olivia De Vylder, Paulo Ventura, Régine Kolinsky

Talking about writing: What we can learn from conversations between parents andtheir young childrenSarah Robins, Rebecca Treiman

Role of working memory in children's understanding spoken narrative: Apreliminary investigationJames W. Montgomery, Anzhela Polunenko, Sally A. Marinellie

Common variance in amplitude envelope perception tasks and their impact onphoneme duration perception and reading and spelling in Finnish children withreading disabilitiesAnnika Hämäläinen, P. H. T. Leppänen, K. Eklund, J. Thomson, U. Richardson, T.K. Guttorm, C. Witton, A.-M. Poikkeus, Usha Goswami, H. Lyytinen

Bilingualism and aging: Reversal of the cognate advantage in older bilingual adultsSamantha Siyambalapitiya, Helen J. Chenery, David A. Copland

Linguistic Field(s): Phonology                             Psycholinguistics                             Text/Corpus Linguistics                             Morphology
Subject Language(s): English (eng)                             Finnish (fin)                             French (fra)