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Books: History of Linguistics/Language Acquisition: Foster-Cohen (Ed)

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        1.    Shereen Muhyeddeen, Language Acquisition: Foster-Cohen (Ed)

Message 1: Language Acquisition: Foster-Cohen (Ed)
Date: 06-Aug-2009
From: Shereen Muhyeddeen <>
Subject: Language Acquisition: Foster-Cohen (Ed)
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Title: Language Acquisition Series Title: Palgrave Advances Published: 2009 Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

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Editor: Susan Foster-Cohen Paperback: ISBN: 9780230500303 Pages: 360 Price: U.K. £ 19.99

Language learners come in all sizes. Children learn one language; theylearn many. Older children and adults add languages. Some children learnlanguage against the odds, faced as they are by developmental difficultiesof many kinds. How do learners meet these different language acquisitionchallenges?

What role does the ability to read the minds of others play in thedevelopment of syntax? Do children know they are learning words when theydo it? Are children more or less conservative than adults when theyunderstand words like 'some' and 'and'? Do we really know the impact of thelanguage we speak to children? Can we really talk about one language beingmore dominant than another in a child's repertoire? How do culturalpatterns of language use impact on the development of language?

We may have moved beyond the conception of language development as natureversus nurture, but we remain uncertain of the exact roles played by thenature of the human animal and the nature of the language environment thatlearners develop in. We are also by no means in agreement about theimportant questions to ask and the theoretical frameworks within which toask or answer them!

This volume provides a snapshot of the field of language acquisition at thebeginning of the 21st Century. It represents the multiplicity of approachesthat characterize this energetic sub field of linguistics and providesreaders with a review of current topics and debates, as well as addressingsome of the connections between sub-fields and possible future directionsfor research in first language, second language, bilingualism, and languagedisorder in languages that are spoken, manual, and written.

Linguistic Field(s): History of Linguistics                             Language Acquisition
Written In: English (eng )

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