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Books: Applied Ling/Discipline of Ling: Coffin, Lillis, O'Halloran (Eds)

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        1.    Tara Thomas, Applied Linguistics Methods: Coffin, Lillis, O'Halloran (Eds)

Message 1: Applied Linguistics Methods: Coffin, Lillis, O'Halloran (Eds)
Date: 26-Aug-2009
From: Tara Thomas <>
Subject: Applied Linguistics Methods: Coffin, Lillis, O'Halloran (Eds)
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Title: Applied Linguistics Methods: A Reader Published: 2009 Publisher: Routledge (Taylor and Francis)

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Editor: Caroline Coffin Editor: Theresa Lillis Editor: Kieran O'Halloran Hardback: ISBN: 0415545447 9780415545440 Pages: 288 Price: U.S. $ 135.00
Paperback: ISBN: 0415545455 9780415545457 Pages: 288 Price: U.S. $ 39.95

Applied Linguistics Methods: A Reader presents the student with threecontemporary approaches for investigating text, practices and contexts inwhich language-related problems are implicated. Divided into three parts,the reader focuses in turn on the different approaches, showing how each isrelevant to addressing real world problems, including those relating tocontemporary educational practices.

Part One introduces the reader to Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) asan approach particularly well suited to the description of language andlanguage-related problems in social contexts.

Part Two examines Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) as a means ofuncovering the relationships between language use, power and ideology.

Part Three presents Ethnography (and linguistic ethnography) as amethodology for observing the use and significance of language in real-lifeevents as they unfold.

The editors' general introduction introduces the student to the tools ofSFL, CDA and ethnography and explains how the three approaches each offerdistinct as well as, in some cases, complementary perspectives on languagein use. Each part is made up of one classic theoretical reading, onecutting-edge theoretical reading, and three problem-oriented readings andincludes an introduction, which provides synopses of the individualreadings making the book highly usable on courses.

Applied Linguistics Methods: A Reader is key reading for advanced levelundergraduates and postgraduates on Applied Linguistics, English Language,and TESOL/TEFL courses.

Linguistic Field(s): Anthropological Linguistics                             Applied Linguistics                             Discipline of Linguistics                             Discourse Analysis
Written In: English (eng )

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