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Books: Applied Linguistics: Extra, Spotti, Van Avermaet (Eds)

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        1.    Jennifer Tighe, Language Testing, Migration and Citizenship: Extra, Spotti, Van Avermaet (Eds)

Message 1: Language Testing, Migration and Citizenship: Extra, Spotti, Van Avermaet (Eds)
Date: 27-Oct-2009
From: Jennifer Tighe <>
Subject: Language Testing, Migration and Citizenship: Extra, Spotti, Van Avermaet (Eds)
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Title: Language Testing, Migration and Citizenship Subtitle: Cross-National Perspectives on Integration Regimes Series Title: Advances in Sociolinguistics Published: 2009 Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd

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Editor: Guus Extra Editor: Massimiliano Spotti Editor: Piet Van Avermaet Hardback: ISBN: 9781847063458 Pages: 280 Price: U.K. £ 85.00

What are the requirements for admission, for civic integration and foracquiring citizenship in nation-states across the world? Should a certainlevel of language proficiency be part of these requirements, and if so howshould this be tested? This book addresses the urgent need to develop afuller conceptual and theoretical basis for language testing and civicintegration programmes than is currently available, to enable widespreaddiscussion of this theme and its concomitant linguistic and socio-culturalrequirements.

The pattern of migration to Europe has become more diversified over timeand has raised many new questions regarding admission, civic integrationand citizenship. The public and political discourses surrounding theseissues are in flux and are generally moving in the direction ofincreasingly restrictive regimes across European nation-states.

Much longer histories of testing regimes than those available for Europe,and documented experiences in working with them, can be found innon-European contexts in which former European immigrants played a majorrole in establishing such regimes. It is with this rationale in mind thatthis Volume focuses on carefully selected European case studies withoutneglecting comparative views on non-European nation-states that aretraditionally referred to as immigrant countries par excellence from anearly European perspective of emigration.

The book aims to raise the general level of the discussion by taking intoaccount cross-national developments and by promoting a more coherent andwell-founded approach. It appeals to researchers and academics working insociolinguistics, language education, and globalization studies, as well asto those involved in language policies and language planning.

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Written In: English (eng )

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