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Books: Applied Ling/Discourse Analysis/Pragmatics/Syntax: Guido

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        1.    Christian Bieri, English as a Lingua Franca in Cross-cultural Immigration Domains: Guido

Message 1: English as a Lingua Franca in Cross-cultural Immigration Domains: Guido
Date: 03-Mar-2009
From: Christian Bieri <>
Subject: English as a Lingua Franca in Cross-cultural Immigration Domains: Guido
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Title: English as a Lingua Franca in Cross-cultural Immigration Domains Series Title: Linguistic Insights. Studies in Language and Communication. Vol. 84 Published: 2008 Publisher: Peter Lang AG

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Author: Maria Grazia Guido Paperback: ISBN: 9783039116898 Pages: 285 Price: U.S. $ 72.95
Paperback: ISBN: 9783039116898 Pages: 285 Price: U.K. £ 35.30
Paperback: ISBN: 9783039116898 Pages: 285 Price: Europe EURO 47.00 Comment: for Germany EURO 50.30, for Austria EURO 51.70 (incl. VAT)

This book explores the cognitive and communicative processes involved inthe use of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) within cross-culturalspecialized contexts where non-native speakers of English - i.e. Westernexperts and non-Western migrants - interact. The book argues that the maincommunicative difficulties in such contexts are due precisely to the use ofELF, since it develops from the non-native speakers' transfer of theirnative language structures and socio-cultural schemata into the Englishthey speak. Transfer, in fact, allows non-native speakers to appropriate,or authenticate, those English semantic, syntactic, pragmatic andspecialized-discourse structures that are linguistically and conceptuallyunavailable to them. It follows that there are as many ELF varieties asthere are communities of non-native speakers authenticating English.

The research questions justifying the ethnographic case studies detailed inthis book are: What kind of cognitive frames and communicative strategiesdo Western experts activate in order to convey their culturally-markedknowledge of specialized discourse - by using their ELF varieties - tonon-Westerners with different linguistic and socio-cultural backgrounds?What kind of power asymmetries can be identified when non-Westerners try tocommunicate their own knowledge by using their respective ELF varieties? Isit possible to ultimately develop a mode of ELF specialized communicationthat can be shared by both Western experts and non-Western migrants?


English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) - A Cognitive Model of L1-Transfer as ELFAuthentication - Ergativity in Journey Reports by West-African Immigrants -Inferring Material Actions from Mental Processes in Cross-cultural WelfareInterviews - An Ethnopoetic Approach to Forensic Entextualization -Narrative Representations in Transcultural Psychiatry - Schema Conflicts inELF-mediated Legal Interactions - Cross-cultural Pragmatic Markedness inLegal and Medical Encounters - ELF Modality in Community-marked Productionof Specialized Discourse - Problem-oriented Tagging for InterculturalCorpus Analysis - Reformulation Processes in Community-biased PopularTranslations - Developing Accessibility and Cooperation Parameters in theELF Drafting of EU Immigration Laws.

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics                             Discourse Analysis                             Pragmatics                             Syntax
Written In: English (eng )

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