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Thu Mar 12 2009

TOC: Language Sciences 31/2&3 (2009)

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        1.    Christopher Tancock, Language Sciences Vol 31, No 2&3 (2009)

Message 1: Language Sciences Vol 31, No 2&3 (2009)
Date: 09-Mar-2009
From: Christopher Tancock <>
Subject: Language Sciences Vol 31, No 2&3 (2009)
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Publisher: Elsevier Ltd

Journal Title: Language Sciences Volume Number: 31 Issue Number: 2-3 Issue Date: March-May 2009

Subtitle: Data and Theory: Papers in Phonology in Celebration of Charles W. Kisseberth

Main Text:

1. Editor’s prefacePage 113Michael J. Kenstowicz

2. Publications of Charles W. KisseberthPages 114-116

3. Harmonic domains and synchronization in typically and atypically developingHebrew-speaking childrenPages 117-135Outi Bat-El

4. Colloquial Hebrew imperatives revisitedPages 136-143Shmuel Bolozky

5. Emergent feature structures: harmony systems in exemplar models of phonologyPages 144-160Jennifer Cole

6. Tone and depression in PhuthiPages 161-178Simon Donnelly

7. On pitch lowering not linked to voicing: Nguni and Shona group depressorsPages 179-198Laura J. Downing

8. Unstressed words in SpanishPages 199-212José Ignacio Hualde

9. How (not) to do phonological typology: the case of pitch-accentPages 213-238Larry M. Hyman

10. Tone and syntax in Rutooro, a toneless Bantu language of Western UgandaPages 239-247Shigeki Kaji

11. Two notes on Kinande vowel harmonyPages 248-270Michael J. Kenstowicz

12. Size vis-à-vis frequency: minimality and maximality constraints in SwahiliPages 271-284Iwona Kraska-Szlenk

13. Conspiracy and sabotage in the acquisition of phonology: dense dataundermine existing theories, provide scaffolding for a new onePages 285-304Lise Menn, Ellen Schmidt, Brent Nicholas

14. Tachoni verbal tonologyPages 305-324David Odden

15. Productive reduplication in a fundamentally monosyllabic languagePages 325-342Ronnie B. Wilbur

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Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics                             Phonology
Subject Language(s): Bukusu (bxk)                             Hebrew (heb)                             Nande (nnb)                             Shona (sna)                             Spanish (spa)                             Swahili (swh)                             Swati (ssw)                             Tooro (ttj)