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Sun Mar 21 2010

Support: Comp Ling, Speech Science: PhD Student, Trinity College Dublin

Editor for this issue: Matthew Lahrman <>

        1.    Carl Vogel, Computational Linguistics, Speech Science: PhD Student, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Message 1: Computational Linguistics, Speech Science: PhD Student, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Date: 20-Mar-2010
From: Carl Vogel <>
Subject: Computational Linguistics, Speech Science: PhD Student, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
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Institution/Organization: Trinity College Dublin Department: Information Systems/CLCS Web Address:

Level: PhD

Duties: Research

Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics Speech Science

2 Phd Positions involving speech and text analysis are open within TCD.

The bursaries include payment of fees, some research costs, and astipend of 16K per annum. The funding covers four years of studywithin a structured PhD program. This funding is equivalent to thatprovided by IRCSET awards.

Position 1: Speaking the 1641 Depositions

This innovative project under the theme of 'Digital Humanities and SustainableRecords' will attract candidates who are interested in independent and advancedresearch linking speech synthesis and important historical documents. It willinvolve application of advanced linguistic and statistical methods, using thelatest tools and technologies, for the analysis and rendering into speech oflarge bodies of annotated historical text. The project will last for four yearsand research costs, a stipend, and coverage of fees, etc., will be offered.Successful applicants will have a background in either history or computing.They will have keen analytical skills and will join a small team of researcherswith similar interests in the way people speak and present information. Theywill be especially interested in expressing personality through speechsynthesis, and in attempting to render historical texts in order to expresscharacter through the synthesised voices.

Further details: for course: (use code -- TRB01)

Position 2: Technology for harmonising interpersonal communication

We explore how contemporary modes of interaction, typically at a distance viaelectronic devices, can be supplemented to support the sorts of information flowand inference that evolution has endowed humans sensitivity to in face-to-facecommunications. The research entails that various prototype applications beconstructed, deployed and analyzed. A successful candidate will havedemonstrable expertise in computer programming, preferably with experience ofend-user application delivery. The candidate will be engaged in the delivery ofsoftware alongside performance of quantitative and qualitative analysis oflinguistic data. The background research topic is in discerning sentiment andother non-propositional content of textual communications (such as textmessages) and projecting the same through appropriate vocal synthesis. Priorexpertise in text and dialogue analysis as well as speech synthesis will be anadvantage. Candidates should be comfortable with computational theoreticalframeworks for syntax and formal semantics, as well as statistically orientedapproaches to language analysis.

Further details: for course: (use code -- TRB08)

Applications Deadline: 09-Apr-2010

Web Address for Applications:

Contact Information:         Carl Vogel        Phone:00 353 1 896 1765

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