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Mon Aug 02 2010

Calls: Cognitive Science/Journal of Cognitive Science (Jrnl)

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        1.    Sunkyue Kim, Journal of Cognitive Science

Message 1: Journal of Cognitive Science
Date: 01-Aug-2010
From: Sunkyue Kim <>
Subject: Journal of Cognitive Science
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Full Title: Journal of Cognitive Science

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science; English

Call Deadline: 31-Dec-2010

Call for Papers

Aims & Scope

The Journal of Cognitive Science (JCS) is published biannually as theofficial journal of International Association for Cognitive Science (IACS)by the Institute for Cognitive Science at Seoul National University,located in Seoul, Korea. It aims to publish research articles of thehighest quality and significance within the disciplines that form cognitivescience, including philosophy, psychology, linguistics, artificialintelligence, neuroscience, anthropology, and education. Submissions thatcross traditional disciplinary boundaries in either themes or methods areespecially encouraged.

Contributions may be in the form of articles, brief reports, reviews, orsquibs. The JCS showcases quality research, encourages the exchange ofideas, and illustrates the interdisciplinary work that is the hallmark ofcognitive science. Authors who have published in JCS include PaulSmolensky, Alfonso Caramazza, Dedre Gentner, Paul Thagard, and Jean-PierreDescles.

JCS vol. 10 (2009) includes the special issues of 'Color in Thought andLanguage' and 'Quantification in East Asian Languages,' and JCS vol. 11,Issue 1 (2010) is the special issue of 'Reading Development and ReadingDisorders in Asian Languages.'

Editor-in-Chief: Chungmin Lee, Seoul National University

Editors:Gualtiero Piccinini, University of Missouri - St. LouisNaomi Miyake, University of TokyoKoiti Hasida, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science andTechnology, JapanKyoung-Min Lee, Seoul National University

The Editorial Board and Advisory Editorial Board are listed on

Submission Guidelines:All submissions must be in English, written clearly and in sufficientdetail so that referees can assess the merits of the work. Papers should beno longer than 10,000 words and should conform to General Science style orModified APA style.

1.General Science Style References

Jackendoff, R. S. 1976, 'Toward an Explanatory Semantic Representation',Linguistic Inquiry 7, 89-150.Sadock, J. M. 1978, 'On Testing for Conversational Implicature', in P. Cole(ed.), Syntax and Semantics 9: Pragmatics.

2.Modified APA StyleEven if we adopt some form of APA, we need to modify it in such a way thatsession titles in the paper text are numbered (e.g., 1. Introduction 2.Experiment 1 3. Experiment 2 4. General Discussion). People in other areasthan psychology adopt numbering system. Its REFERENCES examples are asfollows:


Leakey, R., & Lewin, R. (1992). Origins reconsidered: In search of whatmakes us human. New York: Doubleday.O'Sullivan, C., & Yeager, C. P. (1989). Communicative context andlinguistic competence: The effect of social setting on a chimpanzee's conversational skill. InR. A. Gardner, B. T. Gardner, & T. E. Van Cantfort (Eds.), Teaching sign language tochimpanzees (pp. 269-279). Albany: SUNY Press.

Papers should have abstracts and several key words. Papers will be receivedand processed as promptly as possible.

Authors should send an electronic copy (e.g., a MS Word or PDF file) oftheir submission to For more information visit

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