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        1.    Rachel Mannett, Signals and Systems for Speech and Hearing: Rosen, Howell

Message 1: Signals and Systems for Speech and Hearing: Rosen, Howell
Date: 08-Apr-2010
From: Rachel Mannett <>
Subject: Signals and Systems for Speech and Hearing: Rosen, Howell
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Title: Signals and Systems for Speech and Hearing Subtitle: Second Edition Published: 2010 Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited

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Author: Stuart Rosen Author: Peter Howell Hardback: ISBN: 9781848552265 Pages: 340 Price: U.K. £ 34.95

New edition

This introductory text book introduces the principles of signals andsystems analysis to students of speech and hearing sciences, includingpsychologists, audiologists, phoneticians and speech therapists.

Beginning with an examination of what signals and systems are, the bookdevelops a thorough background from which many of the most important issuesin speech and hearing can be tackled. The knowledge gained is applieddirectly to topics like measuring sound pressure with decibels,understanding the functioning of the cochlea, interpreting spectrograms,and explaining the acoustic aspects of speech. More than 300 illustrations,all drawn specifically for the book, present the relevant concepts usingonly minimal mathematics. An informal, friendly and informative style ofwriting is maintained throughout. The newly revised edition has moreemphasis on the digital techniques which have become so prevalent in thefield, particularly as regards the processes used to make speech spectrograms.

Praise for the first edition"I'm happy to recommend this text to any prospective reader-be they studentor established worker in the speech and hearing sciences-who seeks anon-mathematical treatment of the elements of signals and systems theorywhich underpin their subject." - Journal of Sound and Vibration.

"...[will] become a standard for both advanced undergraduate and graduatecourses in Communication Sciences and has no competition." -Irving Hochberg, City University of New York.

What is new in the second edition?

Since the last edition of the book, digital techniques have almostcompletely replaced analogue in the recording, manipulation, storage andtransmission of signals. This has been reflected by changes throughout thebook in the kind of instrumentation described.

Three chapters have been heavily revised:

Chapter 11: dealing with spectrograms, has been much extended and describesthe two different ways spectrograms can be constructed - through filterbanks and time windowing - and the relationship between them.

Chapter 12: now focuses on the notion of the auditory periphery as a set ofsystems, showing how its function is analagous to that of making aspectrogram.

Chapter 14: dealing explicitly with digital signals and systems, has beenexpanded greatly to give concrete examples of digital systems and digitalsignal processing, including the notion of infinite impulse response (IIR)and finite impulse response (FIR) filters.

Please visit to watch avideo interview with the authors download a sample chapter and to registerto receive a set of electronic sample chapters for inspection from the newedition when they become available in May 2010.

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics                             Psycholinguistics
Written In: English (eng )

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