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Books: Sociolinguistics: Distin

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        1.    Daniel Davies, Cultural Evolution: Distin

Message 1: Cultural Evolution: Distin
Date: 11-Aug-2010
From: Daniel Davies <>
Subject: Cultural Evolution: Distin
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Title: Cultural Evolution Published: 2010 Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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Author: Kate Distin Electronic: ISBN: 9780511784255 Pages: 280 Price: U.S. $ 22.00
Hardback: ISBN: 9780521769013 Pages: 280 Price: U.K. £ 55.00
Paperback: ISBN: 9780521189712 Pages: 280 Price: U.K. £ 17.99

In this book, Kate Distin proposes a theory of cultural evolution and showshow it can help us to understand the origin and development of humanculture. Distin introduces the concept that humans share information not onlyin natural languages, which are spoken or signed, but also in artefactuallanguages like writing and musical notation, which use media that are madeby humans. Languages enable humans to receive and transmit variations incultural information and resources. In this way, they provide the mechanismfor cultural evolution. The human capacity for metarepresentation - thinkingabout how we think - accelerates cultural evolution, because it frees culturalinformation from the conceptual limitations of each individual language. Distinshows how the concept of cultural evolution outlined in this book can help usto understand the complexity and diversity of human culture, relating hertheory to a range of subjects including economics, linguistics, anddevelopmental biology.

- Explains the origin of culture as the product of both natural and artefactuallanguages- Introduces a powerful new conceptual tool, namely the distinctionbetween natural and artefactual languages- Presents evidence, from a range of academic disciplines, that culturalevolution is a defensible theory with genuine explanatory value


1. Introduction: small consequences of one general law;Part I. The Inheritance of Cultural Information:2. What is information?;3. How is information inherited?;Part II. The Inheritance of Cultural Information: Natural Language:4. Natural language and culture: the biological building blocks;5. How did natural language evolve? Language, thought, and culture;Part III. In Inheritance of Cultural Information: Artefactual Language:7. How did artefactual language evolve?;8. Artefactual language, representation and culture;9. Money: an artefactual language;10. Money: the explanatory power of artefactual languages;Part III. The Receivers of Cultural Information:11. How does human diversity affect cultural evolution?;Part IV. The Expression of Cultural Information:12. Aspects of the cultural ecology;13. Patterns of cultural taxonomy;14. Conclusion: a representational understanding of cultural evolution;Appendix: what about memetics?

Linguistic Field(s): Sociolinguistics
Written In: English (eng )

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