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Fri Aug 13 2010

Disc: Hindi Verb Classification

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        1.    Raymond Doctor, Hindi Verb Classification

Message 1: Hindi Verb Classification
Date: 11-Aug-2010
From: Raymond Doctor <>
Subject: Hindi Verb Classification
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Dear Linguists,

In Hindi a large number of verbs are of the type: सड़ना saDnaa 'to rot' andgive rise to sentences such as phal saDaa: 'the fruit rotted.'

Hindi dictionaries normally tag these verbs as Transitive. My query is asto the exact nature of these verbs. Some close parallels in English wouldbe 'rot' or 'die' where the agent is also the patient.

Maybe this is a naive question but I have not been able to find asatisfying answer to my query, nor have I been able to find a term whichexactly characterizes this verb-class.

Many thanks for taking some time off to give thought to this query.Raymond

Linguistic Field(s): Morphology                             Syntax
Subject Language(s): Hindi (hin)

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